Inventions and World History

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  1. during the early 1900's the mixing of African and European musical traditions in the American South resulted in the creation of what style of music?
  2. Jazz music was created by the mixing of what two countries styles of music
    African and European
  3. Blues music was created mainly within what community of the southern United States?
    African American
  4. Salsa music and dance come from the mixing of what styles in Cuba?
    African and European
  5. Who founded the Olympic games?
    Ancient Greeks
  6. Who built canals to carry fresh water long distances?
    ancient Rome
  7. Silk and porcelain were first made where?
  8. The invention of what item made cooking easier by replacing the wood-burning stove?
    the electric oven
  9. what invention had a huge effect on the lives of farmers?
    the combine harvester
  10. what invention allowed people to see news from around the world at any time of the day?
    satellite television
  11. what invention made it faster and easier for people to move around within cities?
    elevated electric railroad
  12. when was the steam locomotive invented?
  13. when was the airplane invented?
  14. what time frame was the laptop created?
  15. what invention was created before the light bulb, microwave, and radio?
    the telegraph
  16. Who's invention changed the world because it helped make books available to a lot of people?
    Johannes Gutenberg's
  17. Who's discovery helped the world of medicine by leading to new treatments for cancer?
    Madame Curie's
  18. Who is the father of astronomy?
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