NUR1020, Dimensional Analysis

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  1. 1tsp
    How many ml are in one tsp ?
    5 ml
  2. 1 tbsp
    How many ml, tsp, are in one tbsp. ?
    15 ml or 3 tsp.
  3. 1 oz
    How many ml, tsp., tbsp. are in 1 oz?
    30 ml, 6 tsp., 2 tbsp.
  4. How many g in one kg?
    1000 g in 1 kg
  5. How many mg in 1 g ?
    1000 mg in 1 g
  6. How many mcg in one mg?
    1000 mcg in 1 mg
  7. how is heparin ordered and given?
    How do you round heparin results
    heparin is ordered in units but given in ml.
  8. how is insulin ordered and given?
    insulin is ordered in units and given in units
  9. how do you round medication results except heparin ?
    Always round to the nearest tenth, heparinis always rounded to the nearest hundreth
  10. how do you transform kg to pounds and other way round ?
    • kg x 2.2 = lbs
    • lbs/2.2=kg
  11. how many ml are in one liter ?
    1L = 1000 ml
  12. Why is it very important to calculate and give the right amount of heparin and insulin ?
    The wrong dosage of these meds can be fatal !
  13. What is a typical answer/solution when it comes to IM
    • usually 3 ml or less
    • very rarely 8 ml
  14. what is a typical solution for oral liquid med?
    30 ml or less
  15. what is a typical solution when it comes to tablets ?
    around 3 tablets or less
  16. what about pills that are scored?
    POTENTIAL to be broken in two halfs.
  17. Q.D.
    each day
  18. b.i.d.
    twice a day
  19. t.i.d.
    three times a day
  20. q.i.d.
    4 imes a day
  21. prn
    • as needed
    • e.g. pain, allergy, sleep meds
  22. Hs
    hours of sleep /bed time
  23. SQ / Sc
  24. IM
  25. ID
  26. IV
  27. Cap
  28. Tab
  29. gtt
    • drops
    • e.g. in eye or IV drops
  30. Supp
    suppository (german: Zaeppfchen)
  31. D/C
  32. h or hr
  33. Ad lib
    • as desired
    • e.g. activity, clear fluid, diet...
  34. a.c.
    before meals
  35. p.c.
    after meals
  36. NPO
    • nothing by mouth
    • e.g. before and after surgery, vomiting...

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Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis
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