genetics chap 11 DNA replication

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  1. what did the meselson-stahl experiment show?
    that DNA was semi-conservative
  2. what is a replicon?
    length of DNA replicated following one initiation event at a single replication origin
  3. what does DNA replication require?
    template, all four dNTPs, Mg+2, ATP, DNA Polymerase
  4. what is the function of gamma of DNA pol III, and the core enzyme? t shaped thing?
    loads holoenzyme on template, elongates polynucleotide chain and proofreads, dimerizes core complex
  5. what relieves downstream DNA supercoiling?
    DNA gyrase
  6. what is the role of primase?
    synthesizes short fragments of RNA, which initiates transcription without free 3'
  7. what degrades RNA primers?
    5' to 3' exonuclease (DNA Pol I)
  8. what is the role of DNA ligase?
    joins lagging strand after primers are degraded
  9. what is different about DNA polymerases?
    differnt subunits of DNA POL has different functions, switches
  10. how does recombination result
    single strand breaks and rejoining heterologous DNA strands
  11. what is the function of RecA
    strand displacement in recombination to form a heteroduplex
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