Romanian language

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  1. Cred ca de-abia a coborit scarile.
    I think he just went down the stairs
  2. Eu il strig.
    I am calling him.
  3. El s-a dus.
    He left.
  4. Ai expediat o carte postala ilustrata
    You sent a picture postcard
  5. Mircea a primit cartea poștală
    Mircea received a picture postcard
  6. Urari.
    (Good) wishes.
  7. Cum ai petrecut vacanta?
    How did you spend the vacation?
  8. Am viizut un lucru interesant.
    I saw an interesting thing.
  9. Ati vizitat rudele?
    Did you visit your relatives?
  10. Doar Ia Cluj am facut o vizita ..
    Only at Cluj did we pay a visit.
  11. Aud bine.
    I hear well
  12. Cui?
    To whom?
  13. La cine a~i fost in vizita?
    Whom did you pay a visit?
  14. loana este colega si logo
    dnica mea
    Ioana is my colleague and fiancee.
  15. Fac o vizita unei familii.
    I am paying a visit to a family.
  16. Cind va logoditi?
    When are you getting engaged?
  17. Vă rnulțurnesc foarte mult, sărut mîna.
    Thank you very much, I kiss your hand
  18. Mi se pare că ...
    It seems to me that ...
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