Flt Ctrl EPs (9.29)

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  1. 9.29
    Flight Control/Main-Rotor System Malfunctions

    M b i t v d o f, v, b, r, o s.

    N: B c f i t a c w c o t c t t b a b h o t u o l l.
    W: D e t t m r s c c o s f t a a l.  E w m/r h s.

    1. L a s a p
    2. E E(?) S a l
    May be indicated through varying degrees of feedback, vibrations, binding, restriction, or sloppiness.

    Note: Blade cuff failure is typically a cord wise crack of the cuff through the blade attachment bolt holes on the upper or lower ligament.

    Warning: Danger exists that the main rotor system could collapse or separate from the aircraft after landing.  Exit when m/r has stopped.

    • 1. Possible
    • 2. Emer Eng(s) Shutdown after landing.
  2. 9.29.1
    SAS Failure with no Failure Advisory
    I e m o r t p w f/a i:
    1. S x s - O
    If condition persist:
    2. S x s - O
    3. S x s - O
    I s p:
    4. S x a F s - O
    Sas 2 Failure advisory lights
    • If erratic motion of rotor tip path without failure/advisory indication:
    • 1. Sas 1 switch - Off.
    • If condition persists:
    • 2. Sas 1 switch - On.
    • 3. Sas 2 switch - Off.
    • If still persists:
    • 4. Sas 1 and FPS switches - Off.
    • ----
    • Power on reset switches - Simultaneously press then release
  3. 9.29.3
    SAS OFF Caution Appears
    1. S 1/2 s - O
    2. F s - O
    3. L a s a p
    • 1. SAS 1/2 switches - Off
    • 2. FPS switch - Off
    • 3. Practicable
  4. 9.29.4
    Flt Path Stab Caution Appears.
    2. P O R s - S p a t r
    I a f a l i o, c f a x K w t s i t a m i u s a l o a/s s f r a s w r i s s f d
    3. M s s - x i a x k, u c m s -su s
    4. L a s a p
    • 2. Power on reset - Press simultaneously then release.
    • If the airspeed fault advisory light is on, continued flight above 70 KIAS with the stabilator in the auto mode is unsafe since a loss of a/s singal from remaining a/s sensor would result in the stabilator slewing full down
    • 3. Manually slew stab - 0' if above 40 kias, use cyclic mtd stab s-u switch.
    • 4. Practicable
  5. 9.29.5
    Pitch FPS/trim hardover
    -c a c i p a a c l c m o a x"
    Roll FPS/trim hardover
    -x" l s d, r i c r r a c h s c
    Yaw FPS/trim hardover
    -x" o p m f b c i h t
    • -cause a change in pitch attitude and corresponding longitudinal cyclic mvmt of about 1/2 inch
    • -1/2 inch lateral stick displacement, resulting in corresonding roll rate and constant hdg sideslip condition
    • -1/4 inch of pedal motion followed by change in heading trim
  6. 9.29.5
    Pitch Roll of Yaw FPS/trim hardover
    If failure occurs:
    1. P o r - p s
    2. L a s a p
    • 1. Power on reset - press simultaneously
    • 2. Practicable
  7. 9.29.6
    Trim actuator jammed.
    B y a r t a i s c t a i i t s j.
    X m i y
    X m i r
    L a s a p
    • Both yaw and roll trim actuators incorporate slip clutches to allow inputs if they should jam.
    • 80lbs maximum in yaw
    • 13lbs maximum in roll.
    • Land as soon as practicable.
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