Stab EPs (9.30)

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  1. Stabilator Warning 1

    I a i c o c i d w s t e d, l c w b l.
    S s t xx' a xx k, f d b xx k.
    I s i s t xx' a A C R i p d a, a p d n a m o.
    • If acceleration is continued or collective is decreased with stabilator trailing edge down, longitudinal control will be lost.
    • Slew stabilator to 0' above 40 kias, full down below 40 kias.
    • If stabilator is slewed to 0' and Auto Control Reset is pressed during acceleration, a pitch down nose attitude may occur.
  2. Stabilator Warning 2

    P A C R a a f r i a m f o s. 
    I a s t o a i p, t s c m xx' - xx'.
    M a c r i a u p.
    • Pressing Auto Control Reset after a failure results in auto mode for one second. 
    • If a signal to one actuator is present, the stabilator could move 4' - 5'.
    • Multiple attempts could result in an unsafe position.
  3. Stabilator Warning 3
    I t s A m r d d f, f a xx K i p w t s i a m.
    If the stabilator AUTO mode repeatedly disengages during flight, flight above 70 KIAS is prohibited with the stabilator in auto mode.
  4. 9.30
    Stabilator Malfunction - Auto Mode Failure

    1. C m s s u s - A i n t a o p n d p r.
    2. A C s - P o o a e a c a.

    I a c i n r:
    3. M s s - A t xx f f a xx, f d f f b xx.
    4. Lasap

    I m c n p:
    5. S p i - C a f a o b p k l.
    6. Lasap
    • 1. Cyclic mounted stabilator slew up switch - Adjust if necessary to arrest or prevent nose down pitch rate.
    • 2. Auto Control switch - Press on once after establishing a comfortable airspeed.

    • If automatic control is not regained:
    • 3. Manually slew stabilator - Adjust to 0 for flights above 40KIAS, full down for flights below 40KIAS.
    • 4. LASA Prac

    • If manual control not possible:
    • 5. Stab pos indicator - Check and fly at or blow placarded kias limits.
    • 6. Practicable
  5. 9.31
    Uncommanded nose down/up pitch attitude change
    1. C - A a r
    2. C - m o i
    3. C m s s-u s - A a r t a n d p r
    4. M s s - A t x a a a x k, f d a a b x k
    5. L a s a p
    1. C - A a r
    2. C - r a r
    3. M s s - A t x a a a x k, f d a a b x k
    4. L a s a p
    • 1. Cyclic - Adjust as required
    • 2. Collective - Maintain or increase
    • 3. Cyclic mounted stabilator slew-up switch -
    • Adjust as required to arrest nose down pitch rate
    • 4. Man Slew switch - Adjust to 0' at a/s above 40 kias, full down at a/s below 40 kias.
    • 5. Practicable
    • ----
    • 1. Cyclic - Adjust as required
    • 2. Collective - Reduce as required
    • 3. Man Slew switch - Adjust to 0' at a/s above 40 kias, full down at a/s below 40 kias
    • 4. Practicable
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