CH.3 Topic 5

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  1. Passive Transport
    No energy is required by the cell, happens automatically without effort
  2. Diffusion
    Movement of particles from a high concentration to a low concentration
  3. Osmosis
    Movement of water from a high concentration to a low concentration
  4. Concentration Gradient
    Area of High concentration to an area of Low concentration
  5. Diffusion Equilibrium
    When concentrations of the diffusing substance in the two compartments are the same or equal
  6. Osmolality
    A particle measurement
  7. Solute
    Stuff dissolved. EX: salts or gases.
  8. Solvent
  9. Physiological Steady State
    A stable condition that does not change over time
  10. Diffusible Substances
    Capable of passing through membranes by osmosis
  11. Facilitated Diffusion
    The carrier mediated transport of a solute through a membrane down its concentration gradient
  12. Osmotic Pressure
    Spontaneous net movement of solvent molecules through partially permeable membranes
  13. Hypertonic
    Solution is one with a higher concentration
  14. Hypotonic
    Solution with a lower concentration
  15. Isotonic
    Equal concentration of solutes inside and out. No net flow of water
  16. Filtration
    Process to separate solid particles from fluids
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