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  1. Who is the commander in chief?
    President Barack Obama
  2. Who is the Secretary of Defense?
    The Honorable Chuck Hagel
  3. Who is the Secretary of the army?
    The Honorable John McHugh.
  4. who is the army chief of staff?
    general Odierno
  5. who is the TRADOC commander?
    General cone
  6. Who is the chief of signal/ post commander?
    Major general Patterson
  7. Who is the IMT commander?
    Major General may
  8. Who is the brigade commander?
    Colonel Elle
  9. Who is the battalion commander?
    Lieutenant colonel Koster
  10. Who is the company commander?
    Captain Seda
  11. Who is the SGM of the Army?
    SMA Chandler
  12. Who is the TRADOC Commander?
    CSM Dailey
  13. Who is the Regimental CSM?
    CSM Pflieger
  14. Who is the IMT CSM?
    CSM Calpena
  15. Who is Brigade CSM?
    CSM Green
  16. Who is the Battalion CSM?
    CSM Medina
  17. Who is the company 1st Sergeant?
    1SG Forrest
  18. President Barack Obama
    Commander in Chief
  19. Honorable Chuck Hagel
    Secretary of defense
  20. Honorable John McHugh
    Secretary of the Army
  21. General Odierno
    Army Chief of staff
  22. General Cone
    TRADOC Commander
  23. Major General Patterson
    Chief of signal/post commander
  24. Major General May
    IMT Commander
  25. Colonel Elle
    Brigade Commander
  26. Lieutenant Colonel Koster
    Battalion Commander
  27. Captain Seda
    Company Commander
    SGM of the Army
  29. CSM Dailey
  30. CSM Pflieger
    Regimental CSM
  31. CSM Calpena
  32. CSM Green
    Brigade CSM
  33. CSM Medina
    Battalion CSM
  34. 1st Sergeant Forrest
    Company 1st Sergeant
  35. When was the US army born?
    14 June 1775
  36. What are 3 types of heat casualty?
    Heat stroke, Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion.
  37. What are 5 types of cold weather injuries?
    Frostbite, Snow blindness, hypothermia, chilblain, trenchfoot/immersion foot
  38. What are 3 types of burns?
    Thermal, chemical, electrical
  39. What is the first general order?
    I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.
  40. What is the 2nd general order?
    I will obey my special orders and preform all my duties in a military manner.
  41. What is the 3rd general order?
    I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions to the commander of the relief.
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