Lumbar 2

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  1. Where the lower margin of the IR should be
    placed for an AP scoli?
    2 inches below iliac crest
  2. What should you see on a good AP lumbar image?
    Vertebral bodies, intervertebral joints,spinous and transverse processes, SI joints, and sacrum
  3. If you have a lateral L spine and you can seethe top and bottom the vertebra body what should you do?
    Put a sponge under patient
  4. Accurate positioning for Lateral Lumbar and
    what’s demonstrated?
    Positioning: Head on pillow, knees flexed,support between knees, spinal column aligned parallel to IR.

    • Demonstrated:
    • Intervertebral foramina of L1-L4, vertebral bodies, intervertebral joints,
    • spinous process, and L5 S1 junction
  5. If you do an AP lumbar and it shows that the
    intervertebral disk space is closed, what should you have done?
    Bring legs up, knee flexion
  6. How many bones make up the adult vertebral
    How many bones make up the foot?
  8. Landmark that shows direction of rotation on
    lateral knee?
    Adductor tubercle
  9. 1.      
    What is required for Later C spine? What should
    you see?
    • C1- C7 intervertebral joint spaces
    • uppermargin of of T1
    • mandible out of the way
    • articular pillars  
    • zygapophysealjoints should be superimposition for each vertebra.
    • Should see cervical bodies,
    • intervertebral joint spaces,
    • articular pillars,
    • spinous processes,
    • zygapophyseal joints
  10. What joint is formed by the inferior and
    superior articular processes?
    Zygapophyseal joints
  11. What is the IR size and orientation for an AP
    projection of the hip joint?
    • 10x12
    • Lengthwise 
  12. What is the IR size and orientation for an AP projection of the sacrum?
    10x12 lengthwise
  13. What is the IR size and orientation for AP
    projection of coccyx?
    8x10 lengthwise
  14. Where do you center for lateral sacrum?
    " 3 to 4 inches posterior to aSiS " 
  15. For a mortis projection of the ankle what is the degree of rotation?
    15 degrees medial
  16. what position gives you an good Image of left SI joint shows an open and clear
    8x10 leangthwise 
  17. What is CR angle for AP axial for SI joints?
    30-35 degrees Cheplhad 
  18. Where does iliac crest lie (landmarks)?

  19. 1.      
    How much CR angle for an AP frog leg hip?
    "cephalad 20° to 35° for males and 30° to 45° for females" 
  20. How much CR angle for AP axial view of the foot?
    10 degrees cephalic
  21. Prevent scatter on lateral T and L spine?
    Lead matt behind patient
  22. Centering for AP lumbar?
    At iliac crest
  23. IR size and orientation for lateral L5/S1?
    8x10 lengthwise 
  24. CR angle for Lateral Sacrum Coccyx projection?
  25. On an AP axial of the coccyx the synthesis pubis
    superimposes the distal in the coccyx, what should you do to correct the image?
    Angle the central rayapproximately 5 degrees for every 1 inch you wish to move the symphysis pubis
  26. What is the view of the Scotty dog showing?
    Oblique lumbar vertebrae     
  27. Primary factor for image density?
  28. 1.     
    When doing lateral C spine on a trauma patient
    what size weights do you give them?
  29. 1.     
    What way is head rotated based on location of
    the dens?
    The opposite of what side the dens on
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