MMC and Osteogenesis Imperfecta

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  1. Spina bifida occulta
    • vertebral defect with posterior elements of vertebral arch failing to close
    • no sac
    • usually not associated with an abnormality of sc
  2. spina bifida cystica
    vertebral defect with a protruding cyst of meninges or SC and meninges
  3. myelomeningocele
    • cyst containing CSF
    • meninges, SC, and possibly nerve roots
    • most common in lumbar
    • the higher the lesion the more deficits present
  4. meningocele
    • cyst with CSF and meninges and usually covered with epithelium
    • clinical symptoms vary
  5. MMC definition
    • complex congenital anomaly
    • primarily affects nervous system
    • secondarily the MS and urologic system
  6. occurs when caudal end fails to close before the ____ day of gestation
  7. spina bifida definition
    general term used when the posterior arches of a vertebral fail to close
  8. MMC etio
    • genetic predisposition
    • fetal alcohol syndrome
    • irish backround
    • lack of folic acid
  9. neuro deficits and impairments
    sensory and motor impairments directly related to level of cyst and SC defect
  10. unlike SCI due to boney defects involving more than one ____
  11. if nerve roots dmged and SC is dysplastic __MNL results
  12. if part of SC below MMC is intact and has innervation _MNL results
  13. T/F only UMNL or LMNL occurs in a patient
    • false
    • both can be present at different levels
  14. higher lesions have ___ ms impairment and decreased chances to amb
  15. thoracic lesion
    some control of pelvis
  16. L1-L2 lesion
    some hip flex and add
  17. L3 lesion
    • hip flexion 
    • knee extension
    • no ankle
  18. L4-L5 lesion
    • flex knees
    • ankle control
    • weak hip extensors
  19. S1 lesion
    • weak PF
    • 3/5 hip abd
  20. S2-3 lesion
    • 3/5 PF
    • 4/5 glutes
  21. Arnold-Chiari Malformation
    • cerebellum, medulla, and cervical part of SC involved
    • due to hindbrain not being fully developed it is displaced thru the foramen magnum
  22. S2-S4 lesion
    • BnB dysfunction
    • high tone bladder can't hold much and empties reflexively
    • danger of kidney dmg
  23. Osteogenesis imperfecta clinical features
    • short
    • bowing of long bones
    • liagmentous joint alxity
    • kyphososcoliosis
    • average or above intelligence
  24. Osteogenesis imperfecta child impairments and inteventions
    • impaired ROM
    • impaired strg
    • patho fx
    • delay motor develop
    • impaired function mobility
    • ADL limitations
    • impaired respiratory function
    • scoliosis
  25. Osteogenesis imperfecta precautions
    • careful orthotic handling
    • do not lift from under arms
  26. Osteogenesis imperfecta management
    • positioning
    • mobility
    • strengthening
    • equipment management
    • functional activities
    • surgical rods
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