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    • Form, space, lines, color, wave pattern are elements of what?
    • Hair design
  1. Mass or general outline of a hairstyle. Three dimensional and changes as it is viewed from all angles
  2. This hair design element should be in proportion to the shape of the head, face, neck, shoulders and body
  3. Area that the hairstyle occupies
  4. This hair design element is also called volume
  5. Three dimensional and has length, width, and depth. May contain, curves, waves, straight hair or a combination
  6. Create the form, design and movement of a style. Straight or curved lines that the eye follow
  7. These kind of lines create width
    Horizontal lines
  8. These kind of lines create length
    Vertical lines
  9. These kind of lines create emphasis and interest. Helps to minimize facial features
    Diagonal lines
  10. These lines soften a style
    Curved lines
  11. Line that creates one length hairstyle that is low maintenance
    Single line
  12. Parallel lines in there that create interest are also called
    Repeating lines
  13. Perpendicular lines text really hard edge are also called......
    Contracting lines
  14. Curved lines that blend horizontal and vertical lines are called
    Transitional lines
  15. Used to make all parts of a design appear larger or smaller
  16. Create texture and lines
    Tie design elements together
    Evoke reactions
  17. Light color is
    Youthful and exciting
  18. Dark color is
    seductive and mysterious
  19. Warm color is
  20. Cool color is
    Bold and dramatic
  21. Layin warm colors make the illusion of
  22. dark and cool colors reduce into the head and therefore make the illusion of
    less volume
  23. when alternating light and warm colors and dark and cool colors this illusion is created
  24. Draw lines in the direction you want the...
    Eye to travel
  25. make sure the color is compatible with the ...
    Skin tone
  26. When using two different colors make sure they are...
    the same tones and with in 2 levels apart
  27. straight, wavy, curly, or overly curly hair are all examples of...
    Wave pattern
  28. This type of weave pattern reflects better and does well cut one length
  29. This type of wave pattern can be styled to create horizontal lines
  30. These type of wave patterns do not reflect much light and can be course to the touch
    Curly and overly curly
  31. We've patterns can be changed by...
    • Styling tools
    • • curling irons and rollers
    • • crimping irons
    • Chemicals
    • • perms and relaxers
  32. This hair type Hugs the head shape due to no volume
    Silhouette is small and narrow
    Straight fine hair
  33. this hair type is more versatile and styling responds well to blow drying with various sizes of brushes, has a good amount of movement, respond well to rollers and thermal styling
    Straight medium hair
  34. This hair type is hard to curl, carries more volume then straight fine and medium fine hair, cast a slightly wider silhouette , respond well to a thermal styling, use flat brushes because wider diameter round brush creates too much volume, chemical services take longer
    Straight coarse hair
  35. This hair type Appears fuller with the appropriate haircut and style, with layering it looks fuller and responds well to blow drying and chemical services, can be fragile, straightening easy with a blow dryer, diffused will appear fuller
    Wavy fine hair
  36. This hair type offers the most versatility in styling, can look curly diffused or easily straightened by blow dryer
    Wavy medium hair
  37. This hair type has a wider silhouettes, unruly if not shaped properly , soft perm for wash and wear look , clients are often feel trapped between straight and curly, user relaxers for clients that want straight hair
    wavy coarse hair
  38. This hair type when worn long often separates revealing the scalp, respond well to relaxers and color, blow drying is hard unless cut into short layers, blow drying not effective if going into humidity
    Curly fine hair
  39. this hair type creates a wide silhouette, a natural soft romantic look, silhouette should be in proportion to the clients body shape, respond well to relaxers and color
    Curly medium hair
  40. This hair type needs heavy styling products to weigh it down, easy to overwhelm any client, will shrink considerably when is dry be careful cutting
    Curly coarse hair
  41. This hairstyle generally is the best kept shorts. The most flattering shape for client must be determined before you begin styling . if the hair is long, the silhouette will be wide and extremely volumize. Chemical service and hairbrush things take well but hair is also fragile
    Extremely curly fine hair
  42. this hair type has an extremely wide silhouettes hair grow the wider than longer, relaxers make silhouette narrower, cropping hair close to the head makes for easier styling and lower maintenance
    Extremely curly medium hair
  43. This hair type has an extremely wide silhouette, relax for easier styling, too thick for a ponytail
    Extremely curly coarse hair
  44. in this face shape the forehead is slightly wider than the chin. Any hairstyle looks good
    Oval face shape
  45. In this face shape has a round hairline and a round chin line, the face is the wide.
  46. This face shape is wide at the temples narrow at the middle third of the face and Square at the jaw
    Square facial shape
  47. this face shape has a narrow forehead, wide jaw and chin line
    Triangle / pear shape
  48. This face shape is a long narrow with hollow cheeks
    oblong facial shape
  49. This facial shape has a narrow forehead, extreme with through the cheekbones and narrow chin
    Diamond facial shape
  50. This facial shape has a wide forehead and narrow chin
    Inverted triangle / heart shaped facial type
  51. the objective in this facial type is to create the illusion of length to the face since this will make the face appear slimmer
    round facial type
  52. The objective in this facial type is to offset or round out the square features
    Square facial type
  53. the objective in this facial type is to create the illusion of width in the forehead
    Triangular / pear-shaped facial type
  54. the objective in this facial type is to make the face appear shorter and wider
    oblong facial tape
  55. the objective in this facial type is to reduce the width across the cheekbone line
    Diamond facial type
  56. the objective in this facial type is to decrease the width of the forehead and increase the with in the lower part of the face
    Inverted triangle / heart shaped facial tight
  57. Relationship between two objects in their size.
  58. Hair should be no wider than the center of...
  59. Proper degree of heights in width
  60. Means that both sides are the same
  61. Means Unequal proportion either horizontal or vertical
  62. recurrent pattern
  63. Curls have what kind of rhythm
  64. waves have what kind of rhythm
  65. The place in the hairstyle where the eye is drawn first before traveling to the rest of the design
  66. Orderly / pleasing arrangement
  67. For this facial feature you would direct hair forward over the sides of the forehead
    wide forehead
  68. For this ficial feature you would direct hair away from the face at the forehead . Lighter highlights may be used at the temple to create the illusion of width
    Narrow forehead
  69. For this facial feature you would direct the bangs over the forehead with an outwardly directed volume
    Receding forehead
  70. You would find these four facial features on the top third of the face
    Wide forehead , narrow forehead, receding forehead, large forehead
  71. For this facial feature you would use the bangs with little or no volume to cover the forehead
    Large forehead
  72. For this facial feature you would direct the hair back away from the face at the temples. A slight lightning of the hair of the corner of the eyes will give the illusion of width
    close-set eyes
  73. For this facial feature you would use a higher half bang to create the illusion of length in the face. Hair should be slightly darker at the sides then the top
    Wide-set eyes
  74. For this facial feature asymmetrical, of centered styles are best.
    Crooked nose
  75. For this facial feature draw the hair away from the face and use a center part to help elongate and narrow the nose
  76. In this facial feature you would stay away from styles that are tapered close to the head on the side . Selected style where the hair move away from the face creating the illusion of a wider facial features
    long, narrow nose
  77. For this facial features choose an age appropriate hairstyle . Hair should be swept off the face creating a line from the nose to ear. The top hair should be moved off the forehead to give the illusion of length to the nose
    Small nose
  78. in this facial feature you want to draw attention away from the nose bringing hair forward at the forehead with softness around the face
    Prominent nose
  79. for this facial feature you straight lines at the jaw line
    Round jaw
  80. for this facial feature used curved lines at the jaw line
    Square jaw
  81. for this facial feature hair should be full and fall below the jaw to direct attention away from it
    Long jaw
  82. For this facial feature hair should be directed forward in the chin area
    Receding chin
  83. For this facial feature move hair up and away from the face along the chin line
    small chin
  84. For this facial feature the hair should be either longer or shorter then the chin so as to avoid drawing attention to the chin
    Large chin
  85. The outline of the face,head, or figure seen in a side view is called....
  86. The ideal profile is and neither convex or concave all hairstyles flattering
    Straight profile
  87. This profile has a receding forehead and chin
    Convex profile
  88. This profile has a prominent forehead and chin
    Concave profile
  89. Use this kind of the part for the basic part
  90. this kind of part gives height to a round or square face, and with to a long thin face
    diagonal part
  91. This kind of part is used for receding hairlines or high forehead
    Curved part
  92. This kind of part develops height and makes hair appear fuller
    Side part
  93. This part is good for a classic oval face. Gives an oval illusion to run around in wide faces. Not for people with predominant noses
    Center part
  94. This part creates the illusion of width or height
    Diagonal part
  95. This part is used for dramatics
    zig zag part
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