Chapter 3 essentials

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  1. Identify common input and output peripherals.
    Printers, monitors, and speakers - output scanners and digital cameras input.
  2. Understand printer technologies.
    inkjet (squirts ink)and laser(uses drum and charges)
  3. Understand how scanners and digital cameras capture images.
    LIKE SONAR BUT WITH LIGHT. bounce light off the image they’re capturing and measure the amount that comes back to the sensor. Based on those values, they digitize the image.
  4. Identify the hardware involved in networking.
    Each network device has a network interface card (NIC) switch, router, or wireless access point.
  5. 802.11a What are the 4 numbers GHz / Mbps / Indoors / Outdoors Meters
  6. 802.11n What are the 4 numbers GHz / Mbps / Indoors / Outdoors Meters
    2.4 GHz or 5GHz/600Mbps /70meters /250meters
  7. Understand IP addresses and DNS servers.
    An IPv4 address consists of four numbers between 0 and 255, separated by periods. An IPv6 address consists of eight 4-digit hexadecimal numbers, separated by colons. On the Internet, domain names are translated to and from IP addresses by Domain Name System (DNS) servers.
  8. Understand Internet connection technologies and protocols.
    Cable and DSL are the most popular types of broadband connections. To share a broadband connection within a location, use a router. Common protocols used on the Internet include HTTP, POP3, IMAP, and FTP.
  9. Know how to customize a web browser.
    • addons, bookmarks, options, settings
    • enabling/disabling plug-ins, changing fonts/sizes, managing cookies, and allowing or disallowing certain technologies such as ActiveX and Java.
  10. Simplex means
    the communication is one-way only.
  11. Half-duplex means
    there is two-way communication, but only in one direction at a time.
  12. Full duplex means
    there is two-way simultaneous communication.
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