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  1. What major part of a cell contains the DNA? Nucleus
  2. What major part of a cell holds specialized structures called cytoplasmic organelles? Cytoplasm
  3. What cellcontains the cytoplasm? Cell membrane
  4. What is the basic units of an organism? Cells
  5. What divides the labor in a cell by partitioning off certain areas or providing specific functions? Organelles
  6. What is the liquid that organelles are suspended in? Cytosol
  7. What is the name of the membrane that controls the entrance and exit of substances allowing some in while excluding others? Selectively permeable
  8. What is the basic framework of the cell membrane? Bi- layer phospholipid
  9. What water- soluble "heads" contain phosphate groups? Hydrophilic
  10. What water- insoluble makes up the interior of the membrane? Hydropholic
  11. What is the name of the cell membrane that is descirbed to reconize the dynamic structure?
  12. Fluid mosaic model
  13. Which prteins penetrate into the phospholipid bi-layer? Integral proteins
  14. Which protein can pass completley through the phospholipid bi-layer? Trans membrane
  15. Which protein does not protrude into the bilayer but remains on the surface?Peripheral proteins
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