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  1. what is the goal of HCP
    to prevent occupational hearing loss and assure auditory fitness for duty of all navy personnel
  2. what is the fleet's #1 occupational health hazard?
    Noise-induced hearing loss
  3. who are responsible for HCP?
    • CO
    • safety officer
    • Industrial Hygiene officer
    • DIVO
    • Medical Dep. Rep. (MDR)
    • All hands
  4. what are the CO's responsibilities for HCP?
    Ensure that HCP is established & maintained w/in command.
  5. what is the Safety Officer's responsibilities?
    request survey from Industrial hygienist or occupational audiologist to conduct noise measurements and exposure of area equipment.
  6. what is the safety officer's responsibilities cont'd?
    maintain a record of noise hazardous areas & equipment, surveys shall serve as documentation, & hazard spaces/equip are posted & labeled.
  7. what is the safety officer's responsibilities cont'd 2?
    ensure any shifts in permanent threshold are reported by MDR. and periodically reviewed to determine any trends.
  8. what is the Industrial hygiene officer's responsibilities?
    maintain proper calibration of measuring equip.

    annually, certify audiometric testing booths
  9. what is the responsibilities of the DIVO?
    ensure personnel exposed to hazardous noise have & properly use hearing protection.

    • ensure equip. is posted & labeled 
    • ensure trnng for personnel even if not enrolled in HCP.
  10. what is the responsibilities of the DIVO cont'd?
    ensure if personnel need retest of audiogram they have 14hr with out exposure to continuous of DBSPL peak before retest.

    coordinate with the MDR to identify personnel
  11. what are the MDR responsibilities?
    Coordinate w/ DIVO and maintain roster of personnel routinely exposed to hazardous levels.

    conduct training for all hands during indoc.
  12. what are the MDR responsibilities cont'd?
    ensure annual refresher training.

    consult w/ command industrail hygiene survey to determine type of hearing proctection devices required for personnel.
  13. what are the responsibilities of all hands?
    comply with posted & labeled areas & equip. and shall wear hearing protection.

    undergo hearing testing when designated.
  14. label hazardous noise areas & equip. with
    NAVMED 6260/2 hazardous noise warning decal

    NAVMED 6260/2A hazardous noise labels.
  15. what is considered double hearing protection?
    a combination of insert type & circumaural (muff) type.
  16. who and what determine double hearing protection?
    the MO or audiologist

    areas exceeding 104dB

    all personnel exposed to gunfire trnng., large galiber gun or missle firing.
  17. who is enrolled into the HCP?
    Personnel who will work in a designated noise hazardous are. (i.e. infantry men)
  18. what is the hearing test performed for everyone?
    reference audiogram 2215
  19. what's the annual test for those enrolled into HCP?
    DD 2216
  20. all personnel shall receive what upon termination of service
    termination hearing test
  21. how enrolled into HCP personnel shall?
    be trained before working in noise hazardous areas & with equip.

    annually  refresher thereafter
  22. what topics shall be included for training?
    affects of hearing from elements 

    designated noise hazardous areas & equip.
  23. what topics shall be included for training? cont'd
    usage of hearing devices and maintenance

    the necessity for periodic hearing testing
  24. what topic shall be included for training? Cont'd2
    mandatory requirement to wear hearing protection, & admin actions failure to comply

    off duty hearing health hazards
  25. what topic shall be included for training? Cont'd3
    the effects of hearing loss on career

    communication in high-noise environments
  26. where shall the members results be recorded?
    to the Defense Occupational Health Readiness System-hearing Conservation (DOEHRS-HC)
  27. where else shall the results of the members hearing exams be kept?
    individual's Health Record
  28. what should commands is they don't use DOHRS-HC?
    they shall contact NAVENVIRHLTCEN for guidence on how to input data into the HCP database.
  29. how often the MDR shall maintain a current roster of personnel in Hazardous noise areas?
    semi annually 

    monthly for those who are coming around for there annually DD2216
  30. hearing loss pertaining to work related shall be entered into?
    web-enabled safety system (WESS)
  31. whats the average hearing loss that can be entered into WESS?
    10dB or more to 2000, 3000, & 4000 Hz in one or both ears and persons hearing level is 25 decibels or more above audiometric zero
  32. why wont names be added to WESS?
    if the audiologist, otologist, or occupational medicine physician confirms the shift is not work related.
  33. what is it labeled when hearing loss occurs from instantaneous even(e.g. IED blast, or over pressure)?
    the hearing loss shall be reported as an injury
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