Chapter 8 Vocab.

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  1. Naos
    the inner chamber of a temple in classical architecture
  2. Exedrae
    a room, portico, or arcade with a bench or seats where people may converse, esp. in ancient Roman and Greek houses and gymnasia, typically semicircular in plan.
  3. Pendentives
    Triangular curving vault sections
  4. Squinches
    a straight or arched structure across an interior angle of a square tower to carry a superstructure such as a dome.
  5. Martyrium
    a grave built over a martyr
  6. Diptych/triptych
    an ancient writing tablet consisting of two hinged leaves with waxed inner sides
  7. Scriptoria
    writing centers for scribes professional document writers
  8. Continuous Narrative
    takes events that take place at different times in the story within a single narrative space
  9. Parchment
    thin sheets of cleaned, scraped, and trimmed sheepskin or calfskin
  10. Codex
    sheets bound together like the modern book
  11. Icons
    Images of saints in individual panels.
  12. Rotunda
    a round building or room, esp. one with a dome.
  13. Iconoclasm
    (image breaking) banning the use of icons in Christian worship
  14. Iconophiles
    lovers of images
  15. Cloisone
    decorative work in which enamel, glass, or gemstones are separated by strips of flattened wire placed edgeways on a metal backing.
  16. Anastasis
    depiction of Christ descending into hell to get Adam and Eve. On the dome of the structure.
  17. Christ Pantokrator
    1100 mosaic in Church of Dormition
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