Breast -Mosby Board review questions

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  1. The PAB field is intended to irradiate
    level 3 axillary nodes
  2. Lymphatic drainage of the breast is primarily to the
    • axillary
    • SCV
    • IMC
  3. For estrogen receptor positive cases, an anti-estrogen maybe used to maintain remission known as
  4. What is the difference between clinical staging and pathologic staging for breast cancer
    • Clinical staging is by look and touch
    • Pathologic staging is more in depth by surgery, biopsy, etc
  5. What is CMF
    • Cyclophosphamide
    • Methotrexate
    • 5 Flourouracil
  6. What is CAF
    • Cyclophosphamide
    • Adriamycin
    • 5 flourouracil
  7. Most common symptom of breast cancer
    painless lump
  8. What is radical mastectomy
    Excision of breast, pecs, and lymphnodes
  9. What is her2neu
    Protein that appears on the surface of some breast cancer cells. An oncogene expression seen in certain breast cancer patients.
  10. What is BRCA1
    A tumor suppressing gene whose failed type is assoc with elevated risk for breast cancer
  11. what is Peau d' orange
    • a dimpling of the skin that gives it the appearance of the skin of an orange. It is common in advanced breast cancer.Indicates infiltration of cancerous cells into the dermal layers of the breast. Skin appears thick and leathery
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  12. When using a breast board for positioning, the optimal incline angle is influenced by
    the slope of the chest
  13. When the SCV fossa is txd along with opposing tangents, the scv field is best txd using
    1/2 field technique
  14. The total radiation dose recv'd by the lumpectomy bed in standard whole breast irradiation followed by lumpectomy site boost in
    60-70 Gy
  15. The most common histologic type of breast cancer is
    infiltrating ductal
  16. The acceptable amt of lung tissue included in tangential breast fields in 2. cm in order to decrease the chance of latent
    lung fibrosis
  17. An en face electron boost to the lumpectomy bed is accidentally txd at 105cm SSD instead of 100cm SSD. the error in dose delivery is about
    10% under dose
  18. Ductal carcinoma in situ DCIS is classified as
    Stage 0
  19. A breast cancer classified as T3N1M1 with the met to the SCV nodes only is stage
  20. A sentinel lymph node biopsy involves the injection of a blue dye and radioactive
    Technetium 99m
  21. The hinge angle between 2 1/2 beam tangential ports is 180 degrees. The medial tangent gantry angle is 310 degrees. What is the gantry angle for the lateral tangent?
    130 degrees
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