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  1. HMU
    B f c t i a h-p p a v g s-a.  M r f t t e.
    Basic fuel control that includes a high-pressure pump and variable geometry servo-actuator.  Meters required fuel to the engine.
  2. POU
    C t s o f b t s f a m f m.  A p s d, s a m f p f a r f s f o p.
    Controls the sequencing of fuel between the start fuel and main fuel mainfolds.  Also provides shutoff drain, start and main fuel purge functions and reduced flow schedule for overspeed protection.
  3. ECU
    C t e f o t e a t o i t t c.
    Controls the electrical functions of the engins and transmits operational information to the cockpit.
  4. Alternator
    C t s i w f i's t f.
    -P t i e
    -P t E
    -N s t c
    Contains three separate internal windings for it's three functions.

    • -Pwr to ignition exciters
    • -Power to ECU
    • -Ng signal to cockpit
  5. MMU
    D t r i c c.
    Designed to reduce inherent control coupling.
  6. Coll to Pitch
    • Compensation for downwash on aft fuselage and stabilator.
    • Collective incr, m/r tilts forward.
    • Collective decr, m/r tilts aft.
  7. Coll to Roll
    • Compensates for translating tendency.
    • Coll incr, m/r tilts left
    • Coll decr, m/r tils right
  8. Coll to Yaw
    • Compensates for m/r anti-tq.
    • Coll incr, t/r pitch incr
    • Coll decr, t/r pitch decr
  9. Yaw to Pitch
    • Compensates for t/r lift vectors.
    • T/r pitch incr, m/r tilts aft.
    • T/r pitch decr, m/r tilts fwd.
  10. Electronic Coupling
    S f o S/F C. 
    C f t e i a t c t y m m b i o d t/r p b u o y t a.
    A a/s i a 4 K, t t/r a c f b m e, r l E C u 1 K.
    • Separate function of SAS/FPS Cpu.  Compensate for tq effect in addition to collective to yaw mechanical mixing by incr or decr t/r pitch by use of yaw trim actuator.
    • As a/s incr above 40 KIAS, the t/r and cambered fin become more efficient, requiring less Electronic Coupling until 100 KIAS.
  11. AFCS
    E s s a h q o t h t i f s: S T F S
    • Enhances static stability and handling qualities of the helicopter through it's four subsystems:
    • SAS, TRIM, FPS, Stabilator.
  12. FPS
    P l t r d i t xyz a.
    Provides long term rate depening in the p/r/y axes.

    • Attitude / P / Attitude & a/s Hold
    • Attitude / R / Attitude
    • Hdg hold /Y/ Hdg & Turn coord
  13. Stabilator
    V a o i a t e t h q a l c o a.
    Variable angle of incidence airfoil that enhances the handling qualities and longitudinal control of the acft.
  14. Retreating Blade Stall
    I f f, d v o a o t r b d a h a t g t s l a t a b.
    In forward flight, decreasing velocity of airflow on the retreating blade demands a higher AOA to generate the same lift as the advancing blade.
  15. Hydraulic Pumps
    Filter Ind Button Pops when,
    • Constant pressure, variable volume pump.
    • 70+-10psiD
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