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  1. B/P
    risk & effects of hypertention
    • normal 120/80
    • prehypertention- systolic-120-139 & diastolic 80-89

    • contributes 2 athersclorosis, heart disease, HF, kidney disease, blindness, stroke
    • when no kown cause called primary hypertention linked 2 diet & lifestyle
    • African Americans after 65yr 2x more likely to get then whites
    • no cure only controlled
    • systolic # more inportant
  2. nonpharmacological management
    when cause known it secondary hypertention- biggest cause is kidney disease, then tumors or abnormalities of adrenal gland

    • non med measures include
    • wt loss
    • stress reduction
    • reg. aerobic exercise
    • stop smoking
    • limit alcohol
    • dietary changes like sodium, eating low saurated fats, total fats, cholesterol, dairy, also rich vegies, fruits, usually DASH diet recommended whole grains, poultry, fish, & nuts, lower fats, red meats, sweets, & sugared drinks
  3. risk factors in hypertensive pt
    • Age, sex (women >55yr & men >45yr)
    • African Americans
    • obesity
    • high intake of salt & low intake of potassium
    • high comsumption alcohol
    • low physical activity
    • smoking
    • family hx of high b/p, cardiovascular disease, DM, persistant stress
    • overwt in youth <18yrs
  4. drug therapy
    • 1st diuretic or beta androgenic blocker
    • better 2 do a combination of meds or regimen better
    • SEE PAGE 330 tbl 36.2
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