Chp.7 Ecology (1)

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  1. Local areas short term temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, and other physical conditions of the lower atmosphere as measured over hours and days.
  2. An area's general pattern of atmosphere or weather conditions measured over long periods of time from decades/centuries
  3. Describe 3 major factors that determine how air circulates in the lower atmosphere.
    • - Uneven heating of the earth's surface by the sun
    • - Rotation of the earth on its axis
    • - Properties of air, water, and land
  4. Air is heated much more at the equator, where the sun's rays strike directly, than at the poles, where sunlight strikes at a slanted angle and spreads out over a much greater area.
    Uneven heating of the earth's surface by the sun
  5. As the earth rotates around its axis, its equator spins faster than its polar regions. As a result, heated air masses rising above the equator and moving north and south to cooler areas are deflected to the west or east over different parts of the planet's surface.
    Rotation of the earth on its axis
  6. Heat from the sun evaporates ocean water and transfers heat from the oceans to the atmosphere, especially near the equator
    Properties of air, water, and land
  7. Describe how air currents are created
    Prevailing winds blowing over oceans produce mass movements of surface water
  8. How do air currents flow in the northern hemisphere?
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