NA in long term care

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  1. Accountable
    answerable for one's actions
  2. Activities of daily living ADL's
    personal daily care tasks including bathing skin nail and hair care walking eating and drinking mouth care dressing transferring and toileting
  3. acute care
    24 hour skilled care for short term illnesses or injuries generally given in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers
  4. adaptive devices
    special equipment that helps a person who is ill or disabled perform ADLs also called assistive devices
  5. adult daycare
    care given to adults at a facility during day time work hours
  6. assistive devices
    special equipment that helps a person who is ill or disabled perform ADLs also call adaptive devices
  7. care team
    the group of people with different kinds of education and experiences who provide residents care
  8. chain of command
    the order of authority within a facility
  9. charge nurse
    a nurse responsible o a team of healthcare workers
  10. chronic
    term for an illness or condition that is long term and long lasting
  11. cite
    in a long term care facility to find a problem through  survey
  12. conscientious
    guided by a sense of right and wrong
  13. continuity of care
    coordination of care for a resident over time during which the care team is always exchanging info about the resident and working towards shared goals
  14. delegation
    transferring authority to a person for a specific task
  15. dementia
    the loss of mental abilities such as thinking remembering reasoning and communicating
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