Chp.7 Ecology (2)

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  1. How do air currents flow in the southern hemisphere
    Counter clockwise
  2. How is the ocean and atmosphere linked?
    • - Ocean currents affected by winds in the atmosphere¬†
    • - Heat from the ocean affects atmosphere circulation
  3. Natural warming effect of troposphere. Some heat escapes into space, but some absorbed by molecules of gases and emitted into lower atmosphere as even longer wavelength infrared radiation. Some of this energy radiates into space, and some warms lower atmosphere and earth's surface.
    How the greenhouse affect works
  4. Is the greenhouse effect beneficial to the planet?
    Yes and no. Without the warning of the planet, earth would be cold and mostly lifeless. Human enhanced biobal warning changes the climate too quickly.
  5. How do cities affect their own climate?
    Factories, pollution from cars, littering
  6. Explain the rain shadow effect
    Loss of moisture from landscape and resulting semiand or acid conditions on the leeward side mountains
  7. Does human enhanced global warning exist? Defend your answer
    yes. Burning fossil fuels, cleaning forest, and growing crops releases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. Considerable evidence and climate models indicates there is a 90-99% chance that large amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere from human activities are enhancing earth's natural effect
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