Clinic Tools 2 (ch. 3 & 13)

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    • Tourniquet
    • --to occlude a blood vessel so a venipuncture can be performed
    • -temporary muzzle
  2. Tourniquet
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    • -to occlude a blood vessel so a venipuncture can be performed-temporary muzzle
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    • White Nail Trimmer
    • - to trim a small animals toenails when they have ben curved around to the extent of being nearly circular
    • CN: whites
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    • Guillotine nail trimmer
    • -to trim the toenails of small animals
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    • Nail scissors
    • -to trim the toenails of small animals
    • cn:nail trimmer
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    • Silver Nitrate Sticks
    • -to stop bleeding from blood vessel
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    • Ear bulb syringe
    • -deliver cleansing solution to the ear canal. It can also be used to flush wounds
    • cn: bulb syringe
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    • Animal clippers
    • -to run clipper blades that shave the hair from an animals skin
    • cn: clippers
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    • clipper blades
    • -to shave the hair from an animals skin, attach to an animal clipper
    • -#10 left #40 right
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    • rabbit bleeding box
    • -to hold rabbit securely so that a venipuncture may be performed on the ear, helps keep rabbit from breaking back
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    • mouse and rat
    • -restraint chamber-to hold mouse or rat securely so that a parenteral injection may be administered
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    • Fecal scoop
    • -retrieve a sample of feces from the rectum-come in different sizes
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    • Dog Snare or Capture Pole
    • - to capture and secure the head of an animal so that it may be placed in a cage or run, or injected w/ sedative
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    Muzzle: Leather, Nylon, and Gauze

    to prevent an animal from biting the handler
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    • Restraint gloves (Gauntlets)
    • -to protect handler from severe scratches and some bites
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    • feline restraint bag
    • -to hold a cat securely while a procedure is being preformed.
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    • Elizabethan CollarĀ 
    • cn: E collar
    • -to prevents self mutilation and bandage destruction
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    • Neck Brace Collar
    • -to prevent self mutilation and bandage destruction.
    • -To prevent movement of the neck when it has been injured
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    • Pole Syringe
    • - to administer a parenteral injection to an animal too wild or to ferocious
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    • Blow Dart
    • - to propel a dart syringe toward an animal that is to wild or to ferocious to handle
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    • Inhalation Chamber
    • -to deliver anesthetic gas to an animal too wild or ferocious to handle.
    • -It can be used as a temporary oxygen chamber.
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