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  1. metacentric
    centromere location is in the middle
  2. submetacentric
    centromere between middle and end (p is smaller) q is longer
  3. acrocentric
    close to end short p
  4. telocentric
    at end (no p)
  5. heterozygosity for a wild type allele, and a recessive mutant allele (w-)
    wild type complements mutant allele and yeilds a wild type phenotype
  6. heterozygosity for a gain of function allele, and a wild type allele
    Huntington disease (HD*/HD) yields neurodegeneration
  7. heterozygosity for a loss of function allele
    BRCA1 mutation and a wild type allele, somatic BRCA1 loss of fucntion mutations that arise in breast tissue fail to complement the parentally contributed BRCA1*allele, yielding the neoplastic phenotype
  8. position effect
    variation that results when genes are translocated into a heterochromatic region of the chromosome (expression of the loss of function phenotype is variable. It can even vary from cell to cell
  9. core components of DNA pol II holoenzyme
    elongates polynucleotide chain and proofreads
  10. gamma complex
    loads enzyme on template
  11. t on DNA pol III
    dimerizes core
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