pharm resp generic dosing

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pharm resp generic dosing
2014-02-10 03:29:27
pharm resp generic dosing

pharm resp generic dosing
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  1. SABA HFA dosing
    1-2 puffs q4-6h PRN
  2. SABA neb dosing
    albuterol 0.63mg/3mL q4-8h PRN, levalbuterol 1.25mg/0.5mL q6-8h PRN
  3. Advair generic/dosing
    fluticasone/salmeterol, DPI 1 inh q12h, HFA 2 inh q12h
  4. Symbicort generic/dosing
    budesonide/formoterol, 2 puffs q12h
  5. Serevent generic/dosing
    salmeterol, DPI 1 q12h
  6. Foradil generic/dosing
    formoterol, DPI 1 q12h
  7. Brovana generic/dosing
    arformoterol, Neb 15mcg q12h
  8. Dulera generic/dosing
    formoterol/mometasone, MDI 2 q12h
  9. Atrovent generic/dosing
    ipratropium, HFA 1-3 q4-6 PRN, Neb 0.25mg q4-6 PRN
  10. Combivent generic/dosing
    ipratropium/albuterol, MDI 1-3 q6h PRN
  11. Duoneb generic/dosing
    ipratropium/albuterol, Neb 3mL q4-6h PRN
  12. Spiriva generic/dosing
    tiotropium, handi-haler capsules 1 qday
  13. Flovent dosing
    fluticasone, diskus 100-500 mcg q12h (low/mid/high dosing available)
  14. Intal generic/dosing
    cromolyn, MDI 2 QID (do 4 week trial to determine effectiveness)
  15. Singulair generic/dosing
    montelukast, >15yo 10mg qhs
  16. Theodur generic/dosing
    theophylline, ER tabs 100-200mg BID titrate to achieve therapeutic levels
  17. Xolair generic/dosing
    omalizumab, dosing based on IgE levels 150mg-375mg SC q2-4wk
  18. Norvasc generic/dosing
    amlodipine, 2.5mg qday
  19. Wellbutrin/Zyban generic/dosing
    bupropion, 150mg qday x 3 days then 150mg BID (d/c = 4 week taper)
  20. Chantix generic/dosing
    varenicline, start 1 week before quit date, 0.5 qday x 3 days then 0.5 BID x 3 days then 1mg BID, total time 12 weeks

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