Gen Med Midterm Workshops

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  1. risk factors for anemia, and clinical presentation
    Pregnant women, elderly, renal failure, bone marrow suppression (chronic disease, or chemotherapy)

    • Decreased HB, MCV, ferritin, 
    • Increased TIBC, reticulocytes
  2. Ramitidine
    Anti-H2; decreases stomach acid; treats GERD/ulcers-> promotes anemia by decreasing Fe absorption
  3. NSAIDs
    • can cause hemolysis
    • can cause kidney failure
  4. An example of a drug-disease interaction
    CHF leading to decreased liver/renal perfusion
  5. ADL vs IADL
    normal daily living activites (eating, dressing etc.)

    Instrumental activities of daily living: activities needed to live independently (pay bills, answer phone, etc.)
  6. oxybutinin
    anti-cholinergic, used to treat urge incontinence
  7. docusate
    stool softener
  8. metamucil
    bullk-forming agents
  9. hydrochlorothiazide
    • inhibits sodium/cholride reabsorption
    • not potassium sparing
  10. Ramipril
    • ACE-Inhibitor
    • should check serum creatinine on the week following an ACE inhibitor to check for renal stenosis; also causes coughing
  11. Atorvastatin
    can cause myalgias (muscle aches and pains) leading to insomnia
  12. Nytol
    diphenhydramine-> first gen. anti-histamine with large anti-cholinergic properties
  13. Insomnia agents
    • steroids (prednisone)
    • amphetamines
  14. Zopiclone
    • GABAa agonist- fast onset+short half-life (no day-time hangover)
    • can be given chronically (no anti-anxiety effects)
  15. Trazodone
    • Serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor
    • used to treat depression (high dose) and insomnia/sedative at low doses
    • slight anti-cholinergic activity, but is an a-antagonist, and also has slight anxiolytic properties (may exacerbate orthostatic hypotension)
  16. Benzodiazapine
    • Lorazapam (phase 2 metabolized)
    • Diazepam (phase 1 metabolism)
    • GABA agonist allosterically
    • anxiolytic activity-> dependence
    • affects memory+reflexes -> not good for elderly
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