Ging heut morgen

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  1. Ging heut morgen ubers Feld,
    I-walked this morning across-the field,
  2. Tau noch auf den Grasern hing;
    • dew still on the grass-blades hung;
    • (dew still hung on the grass)
  3. Sprach zu mir der lust'ge Fink:
    said to me the merry finch:
  4. "Ei du! Gelt? Guten Morgen! Ei gelt? Du!
    "Hey you! Isn't it? Good morning! Hey isn't it? You!
  5. Wird's nicht eine schone Welt?
    • Becomes-it not a beautiful world?
    • (isn't the world going to be beautiful today?)
  6. Zink! Zink! Schon und flink!
    Chirp! Chirp! Fair and quick!
  7. Wie mir doch die Welt gefallt!"
    • How me then the world pleases!"
    • (How the world pleases me!")
  8. Auch die Glocken blum' am Feld
    • Also the bluebel in-the field
    • (And also the bluebell in the field)
  9. Hat mir lustig, guter Ding',
    • had to-me merrily, good things,
    • (had merrily to me good things)
  10. Mit den Glockchen, klinge, kling,
    • with the little-bells, ding, ding
    • (with the ringing of its little bells)
  11. Ihren Morgengruss geschelt:
    their morning-greeting pealed:
  12. "Wird's nicht eine schone Welt?
    • "becomes-it not a beautiful world?
    • (isn't the world going to be beautiful today?)
  13. Kling, kling! Schones Ding!
    Ding, ding! Beautiful thing!
  14. Wie mir doch die Welt gefallt! Heia!"
    • How me certainly the world pleases! Hooray!"
    • (oh, yes! How the world pleases me! Hooray!")
  15. Und da fing im Sonnenschein
    And then began in-the sunshine
  16. Gleich die Welt zu funkeln an;
    • suddenly the world to sparkle -
    • (and then suddenly the world began / to sparkle in the sunshine)
  17. Alles Ton und Farbe gewann im Sonnenschein!
    • all sound and color gained in-the sunshine!
    • (in the sunshine everthing gained sound and color)
  18. Blum' und Vogel, gross und klein!
    Flower and bird, great and small!
  19. "Guten Tag, ist's nicht eine schone Welt?
    • "Good day, is-it not a beautiful world?
    • (Good day, isn't the world beautiful?)
  20. Ei du, gelt? Schone Welt?"
    Hey you, isn't it? A beautiful world?"
  21. Nun fangt auch mein Gluck wohl an?
    • Now begins also my happiness then -?
    • (Will now my happiness also begin?)
  22. Nein, nein, das ich mein',
    • No, no, that I mean
    • (No, no, the happiness I mean,)
  23. Mir nimmer beluhen kann!
    • for-me never bloom can!
    • (will never bloom for me!)

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Ging heut morgen
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Ging heut morgen

Song 2 of Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
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