Romanian language

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  1. Vino aici, in sufragerie, sa-ti dau sa maninci un ou
    Come here in the dining room so I can give you an egg to eat.
  2. Mi-e foame.
    I'm hungry.
  3. Mi-e sete.
    I'm thirsty.
  4. Du-te in curte
    Go (out) into the yard!
  5. Du-te si te plimbă prin curte!
    Go and walk around (play) in the yard!
  6. Noi cădem jos.
    We are falling down.
  7. Baga de seama!
    Pay attention!
  8. Te joci prin casa.
    You are playing in the house.
  9. Stăm de vorba.
    We are having a talk.
  10. Pisica zgîrie.
    The cat scratches.
  11. Fie! (Să fie!)
    So be it! (May it be!)
  12. Se îintimplă des.
    It happens often.
  13. Un copil obraznic.
    A naughty (brazen) child.
  14. Un copil mofturos.
    A spoiled child. [lit., a child with airs.]
  15. Tu il scoli pe tăticu devreme
    You wake [your] daddy early.
  16. Mi-e rusine.
    I'm ashamed.
  17. A baga de seama (=a observa, a fi atent)
    To notice, to take into account
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