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  1. ;
  2. to agree, to support an opinion;
    go along with
  3. 1) continue, 2) happen, 3) begin an activity/state;
    go on
  4. do sth unleasant/difficult because you planned or promised it;
    go through with
  5. about two types of thing or people that are usually found together, exist together;
    go together
  6. doing or competing in sth;
    go in for
  7. start to deal with;
    go about
  8. choose;
    go for
  9. survive without something you usually have;
    go without
  10. stop giving the light;
    go out
  11. 1) experience, 2) examine the contents of sth very carefully;
    go through
  12. 1) leave a place 2) to become bad (about food);
    go off
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