History Test [19 - 21]

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  1. Jethro Tull
    seed drill
  2. John Deere
    steel plow w/replaceable parts
  3. Cyrus McCormick
    mechanical reaper
  4. John Kay
    flying shuttle loom
  5. James Hargreaves
    spinning jenny
  6. Eli Whitney
    interchangeable rifle parts/ cotton gin*
  7. James Watt
    commercial steam engine
  8. Sir Humphry Davy
    Miner's safety lamps
  9. Henry Bessemer [British]/ William Kelly [American]
    Steel converter
  10. Robert Fulton
    Steam boat
  11. Karl Benz/ Henry Ford
  12. Samuel Morse
    electric graph
  13. Cyrus Field
    translative telegraph cable
  14. John Dalton
    atomic theory
  15. Joseph Lister
  16. Define factory system:
    People were employed to produce manufactured goods in a systematic way for wages
  17. What is one of the three aspects of Capitalism?
    There is private ownerships of the means of production
  18. Which two Spanish colonies were given to America after the Spanish-American War?
    • Cuba 
    • Philippines
  19. Who controlled the banking industry?
    J. P. Morgan
  20. How free trade different?
    Free trade without government control
  21. What is Adam Smith's most famous work?
    Wealth of Nations
  22. What important event occurred during William Pit the Younger's tenture?
    French Revolution
  23. What did Sir Robert Peel found?
    London Metropolian Police
  24. What is unique about Victoria's monarchy?
    longest ruling monarch
  25. What was the first world's fair called?
    Great Expedition
  26. Who was Benjamin Disraeli?
    A Jewish prime minister who converted liberalism to conservatism
  27. Who was the greatest preacher during the Victorian Era?
    Charles Haddon Spurgeon
  28. What was Charles Spurgeon's nickname?
    Prince of Preachers
  29. Who was Moody's song leader?
    Ira Sanke?
  30. Who was C.T. Studd?
    a missionary to China
  31. Who founded the China inland mission?
    Jay Hudson Taylor
  32. What did Johnathon Golble for his wife?
  33. What is George Muller known for?
    the founding of orphanges
  34. What did William Booth found?
    Salvation Army
  35. Who was Florence Nightingale?
    single-handedly created the modern nursery profession
  36. What was the Crimean War over?
    Britain joined force with Sardina to stop Russia's attempt to take over Turkey and Turks territory
  37. When did the British government finally take full control of India?
    1760/ Sepoy Rebellion
  38. What did Boer mean?
    farmer in Dutch
  39. What areas did Captain Cook explore for England?
    Australia & England
  40. What provided a huge boost to Australia's population in 1851?
  41. What philosophy did Immanuel Kant promote?
  42. What did G. W. F. Hegel introduce?
    dialectic thinking
  43. What was Metternich's nickname?
    "Prince of Diplomats"
  44. What was Metternich's fourfold plan for peace in Europe?
    • 1. Restoring royal family in each country 
    • 2. encircling France with stable monarchs
    • 3. compensating each country for any land it lost 
    • 4. establishing a new balance of power among Europe
  45. What eventually led to the July revolution?
    Charles X was rejected by the legislatures, and as king, he protested by dissolving it. People of France revolted against this. And that's what became
  46. Who organized Young Italy?
    Giuseppe Mazzini
  47. Who organized the Red Shirts?
    Giuseppe Garibaldi
  48. Which German state took the lead in German unification and under whose leadership?
    Prussia/ Bismarck
  49. Who advanced the electrical telegraph?
    Samuel Morse
  50. Who was known as the best inventor in history?
    Thomas Edison
  51. In the 19th century, America built long, lean sailing vessels known for their tremendous speed on high seas against their English rival. What did they built?
    Clipper Ships
  52. Who built the steam-powered locomotive?
    George Stephenson
  53. What is England's North American possession?
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