Psych 2235 5

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  1. Infant weight 124
    Infants typically double their weight by 4th month and triple by age 1. Mostly gain fat. Fat stored to nourish brain if eating interrupted by sniffles....
  2. Head sparing 124
    Biological mechanism that protects the brain when malnutrition affects body growth. The brain is the last part of the body to be damaged by malnutrition.
  3. Percentile 124
    Point on a ranking scale of 1 to 100. Neither the 40 bit 80 percentiles are worrisome alone, but the combination and change are warning signs.
  4. SleepĀ 
    • Newborn 15-17 hrs
    • First 2 months 14.25 hrs
    • Next 3 months 13.25 hrs
    • 6-17 months 12.75 hrs
  5. Rem sleep 125
    Rapid eye movement sleep,a stage of sleep characterized by flickering eyes behind closed lid, dreaming and rapid brain waves.
  6. Co-sleeping 126
    Custom in which parents and their children (usually infants) sleep together in the same room.
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