Chemistry part 1

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  1. pH stands for what?
    potential hydrogen
  2. What does the pH scale measure?
    The degree or acidity or alkalinity of a solution containing water
  3. What is the pH of hair, skin, and nails?
    4.5 to 5.5
  4. The hair itself doesn't have pH because you need what to have pH?
  5. What makes the hair have pH levels?
    Acid mantle
  6. The combination of natural oils and moisture that protects the scalp and hair is what?
    Acid mantle
  7. What is the pH level of acid?
  8. Owns their chemical reactivity to the hydrogen (H+)
  9. Contract and harden the hair
    Neutralizes alkaline
  10. Tastes sour
    turns blue litmus paper red
  11. Very strong acids fall where on the pH scale?
  12. Very strong acids will do what to the hair?
    • Completely dissolve it. Corrosive.
    • (nitric, hydrochloric, sulfuric)
  13. Strong to mild acids fall where on the pH scale?
  14. what helps reduce soap scum, closes cuticle, shrink cortex of the hair, and give the hair more body
    mild acids
  15. Imbrication means?
    to close the cuticle
  16. The pH scale goes from....
  17. Alkalines are also known as...
    alkalis and bases
  18. Own there own chemical reactivity to the hydroxide (OH-)
  19. pH 7.1 to 14
    tastes bitter
    turns red litmus paper blue
  20. Swells and softens the hair
    neutralizes acids
  21. Where do mild to strong alkalines fall on the pH scale?
    7.1- 10
  22. Where do very strong alkalines fall on the pH scale?
  23. Opens cuticle/ increases porosity
    good for very resistant hair
    mild to strong alkaline (7.1-10)
  24. Allows the chemicals to penetrate in to the hair
    mild to strong alkaline (7.1-10)
  25. If hair is left in an mild to strong alkaline state what will happen?
    the hair will have little body and appears drab and dull
  26. where does very strongĀ  alkaline fall on the pH scale?
  27. What happens when a very strong alkaline is on the hair?
    The hair becomes gummy to the touch as the cuticle breaks down then the hair turns to a soft jelly like substance
  28. Acids and alkalines that have a pH higher than hair (4.5- 5.5) will do what depending upon how much more alkaline than hair the solution is?
    Open the hair cuticle
  29. It is important to do what after a chemical service in order to return the hair to its natural pH?
    Apply an acid
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