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  1. What are the two ways they understood that the world was round?
    1. By looking at the lunar eclipse, curved shadow on the moon

    2.The horizon, seeing a little bit of the ship first then the sides
  2. Where was Columbus born?
    Genoa, Italy
  3. Who financed Columbus's voyage?
    Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain
  4. What are the two ways Columbus got the 90 people?
    1. Recruiting people by force, with prison convicts

    2. Volunteers seeking adventure
  5. What did Columbus use to guide himself?
    1. Carried a compass with him

    2. The Sun

    3. The North Star
  6. How many miles did Columbus travel?
    3000 miles
  7. What were the name of Columbus's 3 ships?
    1. La Pinta

    2. Da Nina

    3. La Santa Maria
  8. What did Columbus see on the 63rd day?
    Trees, birds, fading water
  9. Who influenced Columbus to travel?
    Marco Polo
  10. What did Columbus see on the 64th day?
    He saw light, had to be on land
  11. What did Columbus find on the 65th day?
    He saw land and landed on the Bahamas.

    Said it was for Spain and God, placed Spain's flag and a cross
  12. Why did Columbus call the natives Indians?
    He thought he landed near India
  13. What was the 3 motivations to go to the New world?
    1. Gold

    2.More land for Spain

    3. Converting people to Christianity
  14. Where was Columbus's headquarters?
    Hispaniola, made up of Haiti and the DR
  15. How did Columbus convince the Europeans?
    By bringing Tobacco and Native Americans to Europe
  16. How many voyages did Columbus take?
  17. What did Columbus find in his third voyage?
    South America, and Venezuela
  18. What did Columbus try to do to the Native Americans?
    Enslave them
  19. Did Columbus ever see the Pacific Ocean?
  20. What place did he believe he reached?
  21. What became the dominate religion of Central and South America?
    Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
  22. What became the dominate language of Central and South America?
  23. What were the European attitudes towards Native Americans?
    If they couldn't enslave them kill them
  24. Columbus influenced the extinction and death of Native American culture.
  25. 99% of N.A. tribes Columbus visited died bc of foreign diseases
  26. Who was John Calvin?
    reformed people
  27. Who was Martin Luther?
    He tried changing the Catholic church, reform
  28. What was the popes power?


    Right to rule
  29. The church owned too much land
  30. Church used to sell indulgences to forgive sins
  31. What is the wrote code?
    What to believe on every major religious question
  32. What were the puritans who believed John Calvin called?
    The Community of Believers, had to read and write
  33. What is predestination?
    Life already placed out by God, loss of freewill
  34. What were the elect?
    Followers of Calvin, chosen by God, as long as they follow God's plan
  35. Who were the damned?
    People not meant to be an elect, but meant to go to hell
  36. What were the 4 high moral standards of the elect?
    1. Devoted

    2. Self discipline-getting things done

    3. Hard work-good for your soul


    (American Dream)
  37. What place were the followers of Calvin?
  38. Where was the first settlement of the Puritans?
  39. Puritans started the compulsory education, which meant?
    All students must attend school and learn to read the bible
  40. How did religion become an issue of conflict between the Pequots and the Europeans?
    Europeans thought the Pequots were evil, and that their way of religion was the right way.
  41. How did land play a major part in the clash of the cultures?
    English didn't believe they owned land unless they seized total control over it. While the Pequots used land seasonally, never staying in one place.
  42. What was the European concept of war? How was this used at Mystic?
    Their concept was to wage war and create a massacre by first deceiving the Pequots to believe they were leaving. But in reality they were teaming up with another N.A. Tribe to attack the Pequots. They ended up setting fire to their forts and killing most of them. The ones kept alive were enslaved. They used this method in other battles
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