AP Bio Immune System Vocab

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  1. Pathogen
    virus, bacteria, foreign protein, parasite, basically invader
  2. Apoptosis
    Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death that may occur in multicellular organisms.
  3. Phagocytosis
    swallowing other cells
  4. Neutrophil
    Kill microbes by phagocytosis (first to appear at the scene/most abundant)
  5. Monocyte
  6. Macrophage
  7. Cell-mediated response
  8. Helper T-Cell
    activate both B and T cells
  9. Phagocyte
  10. Antigen
    molecule that provokes a specific immune response
  11. Antigen-presenting cell (APC)
  12. Memory T cell
    • circulate through the blood and lymph
    • recognize particular antigens
  13. B-cells
    • make antibodies which provide humoral immunity.
    • helps fight pathogens circulating in body fluids
  14. Antibodies
  15. Memory B-cell
  16. Plasma Cells
  17. Humoral response
  18. Adaptive immunity
  19. Cytotoxic T cells
    in cases of autoimmune diseases, these attack healthy cells
  20. Innate immune response
    (acts rapidly after infection) responses are the same whether or not pathogens were encounteered previously
  21. Interferon Proteins
    innate defense against viral infection. causes cells adjacent to infected cells to produce substances which inhibit viral replication
  22. complement system
  23. Leukocytes
    white blood cells (macrophages, neutrophil, NK)
  24. Natural Killer Cells
    Destroy pathogens infected & cancer cells by apoptosis
  25. vaccine
    giving someone some of the fluid from vesicles to protect against disease
  26. Clonal selection
  27. Effector cell
  28. Memory cell
  29. Major Histocompatibility complez (MHC)
    Stimulate the rejection of tissue grafts(?) and organ transplants
  30. Primary immune response
    when a body is first exposed to an antigen & lymphocyte is activated
  31. secondary immune response
    • same antigen encountered later.
    • faster & of greater magnitude
  32. Immunoglobulins
  33. Autoimmune disease
    lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis
  34. lymphatic system
    • leukocytes with surface receptors for antigenic determinants
    • direct an immune response against either the antigen or the cell
    • clonal selection
  35. flora
    non-pathogenic microorganisms that out-compete pathogenic ones
  36. antigen binding site
    where antigen binds to B or T cell
  37. thymus
    located b/n lungs
  38. bone marrow
    stem cells where blood cells are made
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