Recruiting Selection

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  1. Recruiting Preparation
    • When
    • Which positions and how many
    • What competencies
  2. Recruiting
    • Know the labor market
    • Post ads
    • Accept applications
  3. Selection
    • Screen
    • Tests
    • Interview
    • Others
  4. Hiring Decision
    • Make the decision
    • Notify the candidate
  5. Evaluation
    • Efficiency
    • Effectiveness
  6. External Recruiting
    • Ads
    • Referral
    • Internet
    • Headhunters
    • Campus recruiting
    • Walk-ins
    • Professional association
    • Job service agencies
  7. Internet Recruiting
    • Job sites
    • Social networking sites
    • Company website
    • Online videos
    • Online interview and virtual world (Second Life)
  8. Kinds of Selection Process Tests
    • Cognitive Test
    • Personality Test
    • Job-related ability test
  9. What's wrong with interviews?
    • Interviewers tend to overweigh negative information
    • Interviewers tend to base their hiring decisions on very limited data.
    • Interviews are very vulnerable to contrast and order effects.
    • Interview is labor intensive and expensive.
  10. What interviews do well
    • Learn about technical applicants' abilities
    • Assess applicants' problem-solving skills
    • Assess applicants' verbal and presentation skills
    • Valuable opportunities?
  11. Situational Interview Questions
    Hypothetical situations where the applicant explains in detail how they would handle the situation
  12. Behavioral Interview Questions
    Ask applicant to reflect on his/her past experience
  13. Consider when Evaluating Recruiting and Selection
    • Number of applicants
    • Quality of applicants
    • Average cost of filling in a vacancy
    • Average time of filling in a vacancy
  14. Realistic Job Preview
    Giving friends realistic preview of the company and position from employee referral.
  15. Method of Internet Recruiting
    • Second Life
    • Requires basic computer skills
    • Cost effective
  16. Cognitive Test
    Test of general intelligence.
  17. Personality Test
    • Test your personality type.
    • Valid, but not perfect.
  18. Job-Related Ability Test
    Test "on the job" abilities.
  19. Unstructured Interview
    Ask any questions that come to interviewers at any time.
  20. Structured Interview
    Ask everyone the same set of well-designed questions.
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