physiology chapter 1

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  1. what is physiology?
    study of biological function; how the body works
  2. homeostasis?
    • constancy of the internal environment
    • Sustaining conditions that are favorable for life to continue
    • Temp, pH, Blood solute concentrations
  3. negative feedback loops
    3 part pathway
    • Sensors in the body detect change
    • Integrating Center assess change and decides if response is needed
    • Effector make appropriate adjustments
  4. Negative Feedback loops bring you back to....
  5. Positive feedback loop
    the end product in a process stimulates the process to Keep going away from Normal

    Amplifies Change
  6. fever is an example of ....
    positive feedback
  7. what are the 2 ways our body's structures can send messages to other structures?
    • nervous system
    • endocrine system
    • Neural and Endocrine Regulation
  8. does the nervous system send messages to other structures
    the nervous system "innervates" organs the nerve fibers
  9. how does the endocrine system send messages to other structures?
    releases hormones into the blood, which transports them to multiple target organs
  10. intracellular
    • inside the cells
    • contains 65% of total body water
  11. extracellular
    • area outside the cells,
    • examples blood plasma and interstitial fluid
  12. Both intracellular and extracellular body fluid compartments are filled primarily with....
    water and separated by membranes
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