114 study guide chap 52

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  1. Osteoblasts
    bone forming cells
  2. Osteoclasts
    bone destroying cells
  3. total blood flow in bone
  4. cortex
    • outer layer of bone
    • composed of dense compact bone tissue
  5. Medulla
    • inner layer of bone
    • spongy cancellous
  6. Diaphysis
    shaft-long structure of bone
  7. Epiphysis
    end-knoblike structures of bone
  8. Haversian system
    complex canal network containing microscopic blood vessels which supply nutrients and oxygen to the bone
  9. bone accounts for 99% of ______ and 90% ____ in thebody
    • calcium
    • phosphorus
  10. calcitonin
    • produced by the thyroid and works to decrease serum calcium if necessary
    • increases renal excretion of calcium
    • also adjusts phosphorus levels as needed
    • inhibits bone resorption of calcium
  11. what happens if calcium gets too low in the body?
    • the bone releases calcium to the blood,
    • in response to parathyroid stimulation
  12. smooth muscle in ____
  13. musculoskeletal changes associated with aging
    • bone density decreases and joint cartilage becomes less elastic
    • May develop osteoarthritis
    • common to see trauma in hips, knees, back and shoulder
  14. assessment musculoskeletal
     Family History and Genetic Risk
    • H/O Osteoporosis
    • Bone Cancer
    • Osteoarthritis
  15. Assessment Musculoskeletal

    Personal History
    • Accidents, lifestyle, drugs used (ex. Steroids it affects calcium metabolism)
    • occupations
    • Illnesses (PVD, DM)
  16. why do you need to know if patient has PVD or DM
    risk of osteomyelitis due to chronic foot wounds and decreased wound healing
  17. Assessment
    Nutritional History
    • do they consume enuff calcium, vit d, phosphorus
    • Lactose intolerant
    • food allergies
    • socioeconomic status (can thy afford proper food)eating disorders
  18. Musculoskeletal
    Physical Assessment
    • Inspect
    • Palpate
    • Posture, body build and alignment when standing and walking
    • Compare extremities
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