Neuroanatomy Lab2

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  1. Identify on gross spinal cord specimen
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    • enlargements
    • conus medullaris
    • spinal nerves with ant/post roots
    • spinal ganglion 
    • filum terminale
    • denticulate ligament
  2. What is the epidural space (level of sc)?
    - TRUE epidural space - between dura and bones - there is lots of fat here
  3. Spinal cord anatomy (single level)
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  4. Identify the spinal tracts (on sc cross-section)
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  5. The spinothalamic tract (where is it, what does it do)?
    • - in the 'anterolateral system'
    • - does pain and temperature (ascending)
  6. PCML (where is it, what does it do)?
    • in the 'dorsal columns'
    • responsible for: discriminative touch, pressure, vibration, proprioception
    • fasciculs cuneatus is more medial carries info from above T6
    • fasciculus gracilus is more lateral, carries info from T6 and below
  7. Spinothalamic tract (where do fibers enter, cross, end)?
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    • Fibers enter at spinal levels, can ascend or descend a couple of levels in Lissaeur's tract
    • synapse in posterior horn 
    • post-synaptic neurons cross the midline (anterior white commisure) & ascend in the spinothalamic tract
    • synapse in VPL of thalamus
    • Fibers project to primary somatosensory cortex
  8. PCML (where do fibers enter, cross, end)?
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    • fibers enter in posterior horn of sc and synapse in posterior horn 
    • axons travel in cuneatus or gracilis
    • synapse with 2nd order neuron in the nucleus cuneatus or nucleus gracilis
    • fibers cross the midline as internal arcuate fibers (caudal medulla)
    • synapse with VPL of thalamus
    • fibers project to primary somatosensory cortex
  9. What is conscious vs unconscious proprioception and where does this information travel?
    • conscious = PCML (to cerebrum)
    • unconscious = spinocerebellar tract (to cerebellum)
  10. Corticospinal tract (where do fibers enter, cross, end)?
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    • From the motor cortex, fibers travel in the internal capsule
    • In the rostral medulla, fibers come together as the pyramids
    • In the caudal medulla, 85% of fibers cross to become the lateral CST (at the pyramidal decussation)
    • The other 15% of fibers become the anterior CST
    • Lateral fibers exit contralateral at SC
    • anterior fibers exit bilaterally at SC
  11. Corticospinal tract function (A and L)?
    • anterior = postural muscles
    • lateral = voluntary limb movement
  12. Where are the SNS and PSNS in the sc?
    • SNS = T1 - L2
    • PSNS = S2 - 4
    • cell bodies for both in the lateral horn
  13. Micturition neuronal control
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