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  1. What is the Sarcolema , Sarcoplasm , and Sarcoplasmic Reticulum ?


    SARCOPLASMIC RETICULUM (E.R) -The special type of smooth endoplasmic reticulum found in smooth and striated muscle fibers whose function is to store and release calcium ions.The sarcoplasmic reticulum releases calcium  ions  during muscle contraction and absorb them during relaxation.
  2. What muscles have intercalated discs ?
    Cardiac and skeletal
  3. What muscle exhibits a fusiform appearance ?
  4. What is hypertrophy and hyperplasia ?
    • Hypertrophy -is the enlargement of a cell 
    • Hyperplasia - is the increase of cell number
  5. What muscle is multinucleated :fusion of embryonic mononucleated myoblasts and have the nuclei hypolemally placed ?
    Skeletal muscle
  6. Explain Endomysium , Perimysium , and Epimysium ?
    Endomysium - it covers individual muscle fibers 

    Perimysium - covers muscle fiber bundles 

    Epimysium - covers the entire muscle
  7. When referring to the "motor end plate" or myoneural junction explain the following ?
    Terminal non-myelinated motor nerves 
    Synaptic vesicles
    Synaptic cleft
    junctional folds
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  8. Which bands are anisotropic and isotropic ? What does the Z-line represent ?
    • A Band - anisotropic 
    • I Band -isotropic

    Z-line - sacromere
  9. What makes up myosin ?
    • heavy chains 
    • light chains
    • ATPase activity 
    • Cross Bridges
    • Meromysin (light and heavy chains )
  10. What makes up Actin  ?
    • F-Actin
    • G-Actin
    • Alpha Actinin
    • Tropomysin
    • Toponin (TnT , TnI , TnC )
  11. What is the function of the Transverse tubule system ?
    These tubules allow for a uniform contraction of the muscle
  12. Discuss the process contraction of a muscle from the neuromuscular junction ?
    Neurotransmitter- ACH > Transverse Tubules > Sarcoplasmic reticulum -release Ca > Removes troponin from the tropomyosin > myosin attaches to actin > Powerstroke of myosin begins > Ca is reabsorbed by the Sarcoplasmic reticulum
  13. Branching fibers , Striations , Intercalated discs , Box car , and central nucleus are attributes of what type of muscle ?
    Cardiac muscle
  14. Purpose of the Zonula adherens ?
    Purpose of Macula adherens (desmosomes)  ?
    Purpose of Gap Junction ?
    Zonula -It is to anchor actin filaments in the 

    Macula -bind cells together for contraction

    Gap Junction - ionically couple cells and provide for spread of contractile depolarization
  15. These characteristics are for what type of muscle ?

    Fusiform fiber , Single Central nucleus , Myofibrils , Dense bodies for insertion of myofilaments , basal lamina , gap junctions, Involuntary movement
    Smooth muscle
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