Test 1.3b True Algae

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  1. Composed of __

    Nearly all are __

    Lack __
    euk cells: uni; col; multi


    lack vascular tissues
  2. Differ from other euk photosynthetic organisms in that they exibit one of hte following

    Plants produce __ that are surrounded  by at least __.
    • a) the organisms themselves function as gametes and unite to form a zygote 
    • b) the gametes are produced in unicellular gametangia
    • c) gametes produced in multicellular gametangia in which every cell is fertile 

    multicellular gametangia

    one sterile layer of cells
  3. Most have a __; __depends on the group of algae.

    Photosynthetic species contain __ and usually a second type of __ in chloroplats; chloroplast shape varies. The red algae contain only __.
    • cell wall
    • composition 
    • chl a 
    • chlo (bcd)
    • chl a
  4. __ are produced in all groups except the __. __ means that the cells have __.
    • motile cells (either adult, gametes, or spores)
    • red algae
    • motility
    • flagella
  5. Cell division by __ or __, depending on where in the __
    • mit or mei
    • life cycle
  6. Reproduction
    asexual: __
    no cellular or nuclear fusion; no recombination of genetic material; offspring genetically identical to parent

    • ex: cell division
    • fragmentation
    • production of spores, each of which develops into a new individual
  7. Reproduction
    sexual: __
    involves fusion of haploid hametes to form a zygote; also involves meiosis at some point in the life cycle; in many algae, the gametes are produced by mitosis
  8. Three types of sex reproduction based on size and motility of gametes
    • size
    • motility

    • isogamy
    • anisogamy
    • oogamy
  9. isogamy
    gametes equal in size and shape; most motile, bust some immobile; designated + and -
  10. anisogamy
    gametes similar in shape but differ in szie; both usually motile; often designated male and female
  11. Oogamy
    gametes differ in size

    larger gamete immobile; designated the egg; produced in the oogonium

    smaller gamete motile; designated the sperm; produced in the antheridium and must swim to the egg
  12. In general, algal phyla are based on four characteristics
    1) pigments

    2) stored food reserves

    3) cell wall composition

    4) presence or absence of flagella (including number, length, type, place of insertion)
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