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  1. A child takes what comes close to being a lethal dose of acetaminophen.
    Which of the following is the most likely pathology involved in this
    drug overdose? a. Acute nephropathy b. A-V conduction disturbances, heart block c. Liver failure d. Status asthmaticus e. Status epilepticus
    c. Liver failure
  2. Misoprostol, an analog of PGE1, is sometimes used adjunctively to
    stimulate gastric mucus production and help reduce the incidence of
    gastric ulcers associated with long-term or high-dose NSAID therapy for
    arthritis. Which of the following is the other main use for this
    lipid-derived autacoid?
    A. Suppression of uterine contractility in women with premature labor
    B. Induction of abortion in conjunction with mifepristone (“RU486”)
    C. Prophylaxis of asthma in lieu of a corticosteroid
    D. Contraception in women who should not receive estrogens or progestins
    E. Closure of a patent ductus arteriosus in newborns
    B. Induction of abortion in conjunction with mifepristone (“RU486”)
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  3. A patient with annoying hay fever (seasonal allergy) symptoms goes
    to the store, intent on purchasing an oral medication to make them more
    comfortable. They see the prices for loratadine and related second
    generation antihistamines and are shocked about how high they are.
    Nearby on the shelf they see store-brand allergy relief pills that are
    much cheaper. The active ingredient is diphenhydramine. If they were to
    take full therapeutic doses of the diphenhydramine, based on label
    directions, which of the following effects or side effects are they most
    likely to experience as an additional price to be paid for their
    allergy relief?
    a. Bradycardia
    b. Diarrhea
    c. Drowsiness, somnolence
    d. “Heartburn” from increased gastric acid secretion
    e. Urinary frequency
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    • The answer is : B. Doxazocin Half-life: Immediate release, 22 hr; extended release, 15-19 hr
    • Tamsulosin 14-15 hr
    • Prazosin 2-3 hr
    • Terazosin 9-12 hr
    • Alfuzosin 5-10 hr
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