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  1. furosimide inhibits electrolyte reabsorption in the descending loop of henle
    true or false
  2. ipatropium bromide is an parasympatholytic agent that appears to inhibit vagally nerve reflexes by antagonizing the action of acetylcholine
    true or false
  3. etomidate produces hypnosis rapidly causing CNS depression and anesthesia but no analgesic  effect
    true or false
  4. magnesium sulfate is the most plentiful intracellular cation;essential to enhance potassium replenishment and activity of many enzymes;important role in nuergenci transmission and muscular excitability
    true or false
  5. the resultant respiratory alkalosis associated with hyperventilation sym=ndrome is excessive loss of C02
    • a)  C02
    • b)  N
    • c)  NA
    • d)  02
  6. the lower airways consist of the
    • a) alveoli and bronchioles
    • b) bronchioles and pharynx
    • c) epiglottis and alveoli
    • d) larynx and alveoli
  7. the primary function of the upper airway is
    • a) to filter air only
    • b) to exchange gas
    • c) to deal with airborne infections
    • d) to humidify and clean the air
  8. Succinylcholine should not be given to patients for the period from 24 hours to 21 days ofater significant burns or crush injury due to
    • a) elevated potassium levels 
    • b) diminished potassium levels
    • c) diminished acetylcholinesterase
    • d) elevated acetylcholinesterase
  9. which of the following medications is hydrolyzed by acetylcholinesterase
    • a) etomidate
    • b) lorazepam
    • c) midazolam
    • d) succinylcholine
  10. according to the arizona drug profiles which medication is increases venous capacitance(venous pooling), vasodialtes arterioles,reducing preload and afterload
    • a) morphine sulfate
    • b) dexamethasone
    • c) nitroglycerin
    • d) succinylcholine
  11. most of the oxygen in blood is carried
    • a) as carboxyhemoglobin
    • b) attached to hemoglobin
    • c) attached to leukocytes
    • d) dissolved in plasma
  12. at sea level the pressure of all gases is 760mmhg and oxygen at sea level is 21%, the partial pressure is approximately
    • a) 150mmhg
    • b) 169mmhg
    • c) 180mmhg
    • d) 210mmhg
  13. air normally moves into the lungs from the
    • a) higher pressure within the lungs during inspiration
    • b) increased intrathoracic pressure during inspiration
    • c) positive pressure forcing air into the lungs
    • d) pressure gradient created when the lungs expand
  14. which of the following is your premary goal during airway mangement
    • a) insure clear,unobstructed breathing 
    • b) ensure that CPR is effective
    • c) provide a means of drugadministration 
    • d)ensure optimal ventilation of the patients lungs
  15. lungs sounds are heard after intubatoin only over the right lung of an adult tube is at 27cm at the teeth.  the most likely cause is
    • a) right mainstream intubation
    • b) occlusion of the endotracheal tube 
    • c) left-sided pneumothorax
    • d) right-sided hypertympany
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