Oncology Drugs

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  1. Busulfan (generic)
    Myerlan (brand)
  2. Carboplatin (generic)
    Paraplatin (brand)
  3. Chlorambucil (generic)
    Leukeran (brand)
  4. Cisplatin (generic)
    Platinol (brand)
  5. Cyclophosphamide (generic)
    Cytoxan (brand)
  6. Dacarbazine (generic)
    DTIC-Dome (brand)
  7. Estramustine (generic)
    Emcyt (brand)
  8. Ifosfamide (generic)
    Ifex (brand)
  9. Mechlorethamine (generic)
    Mustargen (brand)
  10. Melphalan (generic)
    Alkeran (brand)
  11. Oxaliplatin (generic)
    Eloxatin (brand)
  12. Procarbazine (generic)
    Matulane (brand)
  13. Temozolomide (generic)
    Temodan (brand)
  14. Thiotepa (generic)
    Thioplex (brand)
  15. DAUNOrubicin Citrate (generic)
    Liposomal, DaunoXome (brand)
  16. DAUNOrubicin Hydrochloride (generic)
    Cerubidine (brand)
  17. DOXOrubicin (generic)
    Doxil (brand)
  18. Epibrubicin (generic)
    Ellence (brand)
  19. Idarubicin (generic)
    Idamycin (brand)
  20. Mitoxantrone (generic)
    Novantrone (brand)
  21. Valrubicin (generic)
    Valstar (brand)
  22. Bicalutamide (generic)
    Casodex (brand)
  23. Flutamide (generic)
    Eulexin (brand)
  24. Nilutamide (generic)
    Nilandron (brand)
  25. Bleomycin (generic)
    Blenoxane (brand)
  26. Dactinomycin (generic)
    Cosmegen (brand)
  27. Mitomycin (generic)
    Mutamycin (brand)
  28. Gemcitabine (generic)
    Gemzar (brand)
  29. Methotrexate (generic)
    Rheumatrex (brand)
  30. Pentostatin (generic)
    Nipent (brand)
  31. Cladribine (generic)
    Leustatin (brand)
  32. Cytarabine (generic)
    Cytosar-U (brand)
  33. Cytarabine liposomal (generic)
    Depocyt (brand)
  34. Fludarabine (generic)
    Fludara (brand)
  35. Mercaptopurine (generic)
    Purinethol (brand)
  36. Thioguanine (generic)
    Lanvis (brand)
  37. Capecitabine (generic)
    Xeloda (brand)
  38. Fluorouracil (generic)
    Adrucil (brand)
  39. Docetaxel (generic)
    Taxotere (brand)
  40. Paclitaxel (generic)
    Taxol (brand)
  41. Fluvestrant (generic)
    Faslodex (brand)
  42. Tamoxifen (generic)
    Nolvadex (brand)
  43. Torenifene (generic)
    Fareston (brand)
  44. Trimetrexate Glucuronate (generic)
    Neutrexin (brand)
  45. Megestrol (generic)
    Megace (brand)
  46. Etoposide Phosphate (generic)
    Etopophos (brand)
  47. Alitretinoin (generic)
    Panrentin (brand)
  48. Altretamine (generic)
    Hexalen (brand)
  49. Aminoglutethimide (generic)
    Cytadren (brand)
  50. Arsenic Trioxide (generic)
    Trisenox (brand)
  51. Azathioprine (generic)
    Imuran (brand)
  52. Bexarotine (generic)
    Targretin (brand)
  53. Denileukin Diffitox (generic)
    ONTAK (brand)
  54. Goserelin (generic)
    Zoladex (brand)
  55. Leuprolide (generic)
    Lupron (brand)
  56. Mitotane (generic)
    Lysodren (brand)
  57. Profimer (generic)
    Photofrin (brand)
  58. Teniposide (generic)
    Vumon (brand)
  59. Tretinoin (generic)
    Vesanoid (brand)
  60. Alemtuzumab (generic)
    Campath (brand)
  61. Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin (generic)
    Mylotarge (brand)
  62. Ibritumomab (generic)
    Zevalin (brand)
  63. Rituximab (generic)
    Rituxan (brand)
  64. Tositumomab and Iodine I 131 (generic)
    Bexxar (brand)
  65. Trastuzumab (generic)
    Herceptin (brand)
  66. Irnotecan (generic)
    Camptosar (brand)
  67. Topotecan (generic)
    Hycamtin (brand)
  68. VinBLAStine (generic)
    Velban (brand)
  69. VinCRIStine (generic)
    Oncovin (brand)
  70. Vinorelbine (generic)
    Navelbine (brand)
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