Oral Anatomy and Physiology (Chapter 7) Part 2

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  1. Cuspids (canines) are designed for what?
    Cutting and tearing
  2. Bicuspids (Premolars) have two cusps used for cutting and tearing, and an occlusal surface that is wider to (___) food.
  3. Molars are used for what?
    Grinding and chewing
  4. The 20 primary teeth are identified on the dental chart by the use of Capital letter (___) through (___).
    A through T
  5. What is the surface of tooth that "faces" toward the lips or cheeks?
  6. The (___) is the proximal surface closest to the midline or middle of the arch.
  7. The (_____) is the surface of anterior or posterior tooth that faces toward the tongue.
  8. The point on the proximal surface where two adjacent teeth actually touch each other is called what?
    Contact point
  9. The (_____) is the area between the teeth.
    Interproximal space
  10. If there is no contact point between the teeth, then the area between them is called a diastema.
    True or False
  11. The (______) are the first permanent teeth to erupt, "replacing" deciduous teeth, and are the smallest teeth in either arch.
    Mandibular Central Incisors
  12. (_____) is usually the longest tooth in either jaw.
    (hint: Called a Canine)
    Maxillary Cuspid
  13. (____) are called "wisdom teeth".
    Third Molars
  14. A Cusp is a pointed or rounded elevation.
    True or False
  15. A linear fault that sometimes occurs in a developmental groove by incomplete or imperfect joining of the lobes is known as what?
  16. A (___) is usually found at the end of a developmental groove or a place where two fissures intersect.
  17. A rounded or angular depression of varying size found on the surface of a tooth is known as what?
  18. A small linear depression on the surface of a tooth is known as what?
  19. The only tooth on which an oblique ridge is found is the what?
    Maxillary first and second molars
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