Criminal Investigation Ch 1

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  1. Vocab: Allan Pinkerton
    America's most famous private investigator

    founder of Criminal investigation
  2. Vocab: Alphonse Bertillon
    The Founder of criminal identification in addition to being instrumental in the development of forensic science

    invented Anthropometry
  3. Vocab: anthropometry
    A System of Criminal identification developed by Alphonse Bertillon based on 11 measurements of the human frame
  4. Vocab: Bill of Rights
    The Fourth, Fifth, and sixth Amendments have been applied to all states through incorporation.

    methods of search and seizure, confessions, and assistance of counsel now applied to local investigations
  5. Vocab: Bow Street Runners
    a early group of English criminal investigators who operated from a court located on Bow Street in London
  6. Vocab: CID (Criminal Investigation Department)
    in 1877 investigators of Scotland Yard were Organized into a new section known as the Criminal Investigation Department.
  7. Vocab: Criminalistics
    The Application of many fields of natural science to the detection of Crime.
  8. Vocab: Detective
    In 1853 Charles Dickens coined the term in his novel Bleak House...

    Referring to an investigative Law-enforcement officer
  9. Vocab: Eugene Vidocq
    was a French criminal and criminalist considered to be the father of modern criminology

    He is credited with the introduction of undercover work, ballistics, criminology and a record keeping system to criminal investigation. He made the first plaster cast impressions of shoe prints. He created indelible ink and unalterable bond paper with his printing company.
  10. Vocab: Fourteenth Amendment
    incorporated the bill of rights, which affected criminal investigator.
  11. Vocab: Industrial Revolution
    An Economic phase characterized by intense industrial development in urban areas and related populations shifts to the cities
  12. Vocab: Jonathan Wild
    notable for operating on both sides of the law, posing as a public-spirited crimefighter, titled ‘Thief Taker General’.
  13. Vocab: Metropolitan Police Act
    English Legislation that led to the development of he London Metropolitan police

    the First ever paid uniform police..
  14. Vocab: modus Operandi
    The specific method of operation employed by a criminal during the commission of an offense, that is likely to be repeated to form an identifiable pattern
  15. Vocab: Parliamentary Reward System
    an early English practice in which officials were paid for apprehension and prosecution of criminals, thus encouraging a high arrest and conviction rate.
  16. Vocab: Polygraph
    lie detector
  17. Vocab: Portrait parle
    an early method of criminal identification in which the human head and facial features were described in a detailed manner
  18. Vocab: thief-taking
    An early method of criminal investifation and apprehension that was based on the premise that only a criminal could successfully apprehend another criminal 

    "think like a criminal" - early of criminal profiling
  19. Vocab: Thomas Byrnes
    built up a book of photographs of criminals, which he called the "Rogues Gallery" (photo identification)
  20. Vocab: Will West Case
    a case in which two inmates so closely resembled each other in physical characteristics and in name that the traditional Bertillon method of identification was discredited
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