Wildlife Test Review Intro

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  1. What is wildlife?
    free-ranging, undomesticated animals and plants in their natural environment, including their interrelationships with their habitat and humans
  2. Who is Aldo Leopold?
    father of wildlife management
  3. How did Aldo Leopold describe wildlife?
    described it as a crop and described management as farming
  4. What is perception?
    way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; mental impression
  5. What are values?
    the importance, worth, or usefulness of something
  6. What are ethics?
    a set of moral principles
  7. What are the types of wildlife management?
    • active
    • inactive
  8. What is preservation?
    • to keep things in a perfect or unalterted condition; maintain unchanged
    • do nothing
    • inactive management
  9. What is conservation?
    • active management
    • direct manipulation
    • harvest/translocation of animals
  10. What are the goals of wildlife management?
    • population increase
    • population decrease
    • harvest population for continuing yield
    • monitor population
  11. Who could hunt in medieval England?
    • ruling class
    • "sport of Kings"
  12. When were the first laws about wild animals?
    • Bible- Book of Deuteronomy decreeing that breeding stock be saved
    • Greeks & Romans-some awareness due to necessity
  13. What did Kublai Khan do for wildlife management?
    • harvest restrictions
    • cover control
  14. Why is Britain's wildlife so diverse?
    glaciers melted and isolated them so they have their own set of critters
  15. When did Britain's glaciers melt?
    5000 BC
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