Unit 7 - The Urinary System (Elisa_GBC_1)

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  1. List TWO functions of the urinary system
    1.  Rids the body of nitogenous waste

    2.  While regulating water electrolytes and acid base balance of blood
  2. What are the FIVE organs of the unrinary systm?

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    • 1.  Sphincter
    • 2.  Ureter
    • 3.  Kidneys
    • 4.  Urethra
    • 5.  Bladder

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  3. Descibe the location of the kidneys
    It is in the dorsal body wall in the superior lower region
  4. Why is the right kidney lower then the left kidney?
    Because the liver displaces the right kidney
  5. Which artery carries blood to kidneys?

    A.  renal artery
    B.  Kidney artery
    C. Subclavian artery
    D. pulmonary artery
    A.  renal artery
  6. The (___, ___) carries blood away from the kidneys
    renal veins
  7. What % of blood pumped by the heart passes through the kidneys in one min? 
  8. Fatty tissue surrounding the outter kidney is the?
    Renal capsule
  9. Renal cortex is:
    The outter part of the substance of the kidney. (composed of glomeruli and convoluted tubules)
  10. Renal Medulla is:
    deep to the cortx
  11. Renal pyramids:
    is a subdivision of the renal medulla. (triangular region)
  12. Renal pelvis
    where all the calyses collect
  13. Renal Papilla
    Tip of the renal pyramids (pointing towards centre o kidney)
  14. Renal Calyses has TWO functions:
    1.  Collects fluid that comes out of the renal papilla

    2.  Cup like structure that holds renal pyramids
  15. What is the functional unit of the kidney?

    A.  Renal capsule
    B.  sphincter
    C.  REnal medulla
    D.  Nephrons 
    D.  Nephrons
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  16. Describe the circulation of bloo through the kidneys and nephrons:
    Blood enters the RENAL ARTERY > goes to the > AFFERENT ARTERIOLS (which are thicker then efferent) into the > GLOMERULUS > EFFERENT ARTERIOLS > PERITUBULAR CAPILLARIES > RENAL VEIN
  17. What is the THREE process of urine?
    • 1.  Filtration
    • 2.  Reabsorption
    • 3.  Secreation
  18. What happens in the Filtration process?
    Is fluid that has been filtered through the walls of the glomerulus and Bowmans capsule
  19. What happens in resbsorption process:
    Peritubular cappilaries reabsorbing fluid (This is passive transport)
  20. What happens in the secretion process?
    Peritubule cappillaries putting things into distal convoluted tubule/  (this is active transport)
  21. What is the function of the juxtaglomerular appartus?
    It is the joining of the Distal convolouted Tubual (DCT) and afferent arterioles
  22. What is the function of the MACULA DENSA?
    Specialization and enlargin of cell walls where the Distal Convoluted Tuble and afferent arterioles join.
  23. What is the function of the ureters?
    Moves urine from kidney to bladder.
  24. the function of the male uretha is?
    tied with the reproductive system
  25. The function of the female uretha is?
    shorter than males
  26. Opening of the uretha where the urine exits is called?
  27. Micturition is:

    A. Active Urination
    B. Passive Urination
    C. Urinary fomation
    D. Voiding / Urination
    D. Voiding / Urination
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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