CP&S week one

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  1. who created the New Deal and passed the Rural Electrification act which provided low interest federal government loans
    Franklin Roosevelt
  2. Irrigation Districts are another form of a public power company. It is important to mention that not all Irrigation Districts provided power, some focus solely on
  3. large line contractors would typically employ ____ or more employees, and are capable of working on large transmission, distribution, and substation projects all over the world.
  4. the position of general manager requires a good overall knowledge of the business, strong leadership skills, and would report to a _____ of _______
    board; directors
  5. there are two types of companies who primarily deal with transmission lines and have limited distribution lines.
    generation and transmission; PMA
  6. over time with proper ______ and _______ apprentices are allowed to work in elevated positions
    attitude and experience
  7. investor owned companies typically serve more than 500K customers and typically employ ______ employees
    2000 +
  8. to acquire the position of a ______ ______, an employee typically completes some sort of operator in training program
    system operator
  9. municipalities are city owned power companies, who can provide not only power but _____ and _______
    water and garbage
  10. _______ ________ ________ are governed by the US Department of energy
    Power Marketing Administrations
  11. a line superintendant's responsibilities include planning _______ ____ and providing supervision of ______ _______
    multiple jobs; several lineforeman
  12. when accepting entry level positions there are benefits you may receive from doing so. what are they
    experience working with a line crew, obtain bidding rights to other positions, have time to learn the companies safety rules and construction specifications
  13. ________ and _________ companies serve smaller power companies such as municipalities, cooperatives, PUDs, and PPDs. They have limited distribution lines, and are not owned by the Federal Government
    generation and transmission
  14. _________ serve smaller power companies, are owned by the federal government, and have limited distribution lines, if you work for this type of company you are considered a safe and reliable long term investment
  15. investor owned utilities are private companies owned by stockholders. their stock is traded at public exchanges, such as the _____ ____ ______ _______, and are considered a safe and reliable long term investment
    New York Stock Exchange
  16. most major line contractors are owned by one of two major holding companies, the MYR group and Quanta services. name the ones from the book
    • MYR: Hawkeye Construction, Great Southwestern Construction, Sturgeon electric, Harlan Electric, and L.E. Myers 
    • Quanta: IRBY construction, sumter utilities, PAR electric, dillard-Smith construction, Potelco, North Houston Pole Line contractors
  17. list the names of investor owned utilities used as examples of IOUs in the CPS manual
    the southern company, PG and E, Ameren, Idaho Power, Com Ed
  18. two facts about Investor Owned Utilities
    owned by stock holders; serve highly populated areas so they can generate a profit for their shareholders
  19. who owns municipalities and what are 5 examples
    city owned power companies; seattle city light, los angeles department of water and power,j long island power authority, austin energy, orlando utilities
  20. 3 examples of rural electric cooperatives
    Raft River Rural Electric, Cobb Electric Membership Corporation, Ravali County Electric Cooperative,
  21. public utility districts and public power districts are. and give 5 examples
    recognized by the individual states: Calallam County PUD, Trinity County PUD, Franklin PUD, Cornhusker Public Power District,
  22. who are the four power marketing administrations in the US; who are they governed by
    Bonneville Power Administration, Southeastern Power Administration, Southwestern Power Administration, Western Area Power Administration; US department of energy
  23. 3 examples of Irrigation Districts
    Turlock Irrigation District, Modesto Irrigation District, Imperial Irrigation District
  24. when accepting an entry level position, what do you gain
    experience working with a line crew, bidding rights to other positions, have time to learn the company's safety rules and construction specifications
  25. what is the best advice when becoming a new apprentice
    listen often and speak seldom, remain productive all day and never stop working
  26. what are line superintendents responsible for
    planning multiple jobs and providing direct supervision of several line foreman
  27. what activities are associated with a substation technician
    construction and maintenance of substations, such as excavations, concrete/foundations work, crane operation, electrical equipment installation and testing, wiring, instrument installation and testing,
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