Wildlife Test Review Evolution

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  1. What animal were people getting killed over?
    • Austrian Ibex
    • poaching
  2. What were one of the first gun laws?
    • restricted ownership of cross-bow or gun to authorized persons
    • 1500s Europe
  3. What all was exploited?
    anything that could make money
  4. How did the Roman Invasion & Occupation affect the evolution of WDLM?
    • more forest clearing
    • trees cut down to fuel Roman bathhouses
  5. How did the Norman conquest affect the evolution of WDLM?
    • forests only for Kings to hunt in
    • population increase
  6. How did the post Norman conquest affect the evolution of WDLM?
    • people ate more game
    • industry increased
    • more demand for fuel, reducing woodlands
  7. When was exploitation outlawed?
    early 1900s
  8. What other species became extinct in the period of exploitation?
    • labrador duck
    • heath hen
    • carolina parakeet
  9. What was thinking like in the paleolithic times?
    you catch it/kill it, its yours
  10. What was the Ground Game Act?
    • 1880
    • tenant farmers could control depredating rabbits and hares
  11. How was hunting controlled before WWI?
    • uncontrolled except for breeding season
    • any tool to give hunter advantage was legal
    • caused over-exploitation
  12. Who was the last passenger pigeon?
    • Martha
    • died in a zoo in 1914
  13. How did WWII and after affect the evolution of WDLM?
    • # of guns owned by people increased
    • organizations control hunting in the field
    • field sports available¬†
    • institutions purchasing hunting rights
    • 200 year old hunting seasons
  14. What animal was extinct by 1840?
    Great Auk
  15. What animal was extinct after sea otter skins were being exported?
    Stellar's sea cow
  16. How did the colonists view wildlife?
    • they finally can utilize wildlife & natural resources
    • overwhelmed by superabundance
    • no reason to believe the wildlife needs to be conserved
    • begin Era of exploitation
  17. Why was the superabundance of wildlife drastically reduced by the late 1800s?
    • wildlife seen as commodity
    • no aesthetic or recreational value
    • no one had any idea about ecology
    • no management
  18. Why was there so much uncontrolled exploitation in market hunting and what two species were hurt the most?
    • percussion rifle & railroad
    • passenger pigeon & bison
  19. What animals suffered because of the fur industry?
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