Patho Unit 2

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  1. What are some factors that lead to improved cure rates in children with cancer
    include the use of combination chemotherapy, the incorporation of research data obtained from clinical trials, and the utilization of multimodal treatment for childhood solid tumors.
  2. What are the most common cancers in children?
    leukemias, brain tumors, and sarcomas
  3. environmental factors and cancer in children?
    • Very few environmental factors have been linked to pediatric malignancies
    • Yet more data are emerging that the developing child may be affected by parental exposures before conception, exposures in utero, and the contents of breast milk
  4. Wat is DES?
    • diethylstilbestrol- it was prescribed by doctors to prevent spontaneous miscarriage.
    • was identified as a transplacental chemical carcinogen because a small % of daughters of women who took DES developed adenocarcinomas of the vagina
  5. Health Alert: Magnetic fields and development of pediatric cancer
    presence of low-frequency and magnetic fields has been a concern for many years as causing leukemia in children
  6. Prognosis of children with cancer
    • Survivors of childhood cancer are at increased risk for developing a second cancer during their lifetime, compared with the general population
    • Improved survival for children with cancer is because of research aimed at identifying less toxic treatments that will minimize residual effects.
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