Literary Theory

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  1. How did Roman Jakobson define literature?
    "Organized violence committed on ordinary speech."
  2. What was the theory of literature advanced by the Russian Formalists 
    Criticism should dissociate art from mystery and concern itself with the way the text works. -- Literature is essentially an organization of language
  3. Who were some of the prominent Russian Formalists?
    -Viktor Shklovsky, Roman Jakobson, Osip Brik, Yurvy Tynyanov, Boris Eichenbaum and Boris Tomashevsky
  4. For the formalists, what is the relationship between form and content?
    Form is not an expression of content, but the opposite: Content is an excuse for form.
  5. To the formalists, what is the anatomy of a literary work? and, by extension how should this inform our critique of literary works?
    • A work of literature is a collection of -- more or less arbitrary -- devices. These devices included: imagery, sound, rhythm, syntax, metre, rhyme, narrative technique (essentially all the formal literary elements). Through these devices language is deformed and intensified
  6. How does Tristam Shandy (Laurence Stern) exemplify formalist theory?
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Questions based on Chapter 1 of "Literary Theory" by Terry Eagleton and some supplementary reading.
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